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Comment: Re:Silicon Valley is such a strange place (Score 2) 593

You'd also filter out Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

I'm afraid I don't know either of those people personally, do you? Or are you you simply relying on public image and the usual BS stories people pass around about well known people.

Jobs died because he was confident he could cure cancer with a special diet. If that's not the definition of overconfident I don't know what is.

Comment: Re:My favorite, and last, memory of DayZ (Score 1) 212

by genner (#47095793) Attached to: Games That Make Players Act Like Psychopaths

I don't play Rust or DayZ (not a PC gamer), so I'm not understanding something here. Wouldn't cooperating with other players be beneficial? More zombies than players right? So wouldn't it be like the Walking Dead when Rick figures out that more people is better because when you have plenty of people you have more skills/hands/eyes/brains available to do stuff?

So why aren't smart players camping spawns to recruit new players into groups so they can secure larger areas and more resources, and then when group borders meet up, merging groups into town-states.

The short answer is that some people are just assholes.

The long answer is more complicated. In a game like DayZ, you have to work to get equipped, to get food, to find shelter. At any time you can be killed and have to start all over with nothing. Now, imagine you come across a village that you want to scavenge. You can go in, risk getting attacked by another player, risk getting killed by zombies, and you don't even know if there is anything worth the risk. But if you see someone else searching the village, and say you have a rifle, you can just sit back, let them take all the risk by clearing the houses and grabbing anything good, then once they leave you can simply shoot them and take whatever gear they found along with whatever they had on them. You have significantly reduced the risk to yourself by doing so and get to live a little bit longer. Plus, since when you spawn you spawn with essentially nothing (just a flashlight), camping a spawn location (which is really the entire coastline) doesn't really help yourself since you would have to give things to your new buddy for him to be of any immediate use, and then would have to split whatever you found later with them as well.

It's really just history repeating itself. People do work together but only in the small groups of people that they trust. Tribe mentality takes over and outsiders are killed on sight because they can't be trusted.

Comment: Re:My favorite, and last, memory of DayZ (Score 1) 212

by genner (#47095773) Attached to: Games That Make Players Act Like Psychopaths

Rust is worse. Unlike DayZ, where (if I remember right) players start with a pistol, in Rust people start with a rock. The rock is a melee-only weapon with a horribly long swing time. It's deadly at close range, but it takes maybe half an hour to get a gun in Rust.

A very, very common sight in Rust is players with M4s and other military-grade weapons (which supposedly are only "placeholders" but have been in the game since its inception) killing people who have just spawned. On some servers, there are entire teams of people dedicated to camping popular spawn locations for the SOLE PURPOSE of killing anyone who dares to randomly spawn there.

There is no benefit to doing this. The rock is a useless item, not used for making anything else, and at most the new spawns might find a few wood or stone before they're killed.. neither of which are useful to the guys in metal bases with assault weapons. There is no advantage to killing like this - in fact, you're wasting precious ammo - but people do it anyway. Granted, a lot of them seem to be pre-teens with no jobs who can spend 24 hours a day grinding ammunition.

Med-kits are useful and everyone spawns with them.
That being said.......

Comment: Re:$340 for BBC America on FIOS. (Score 1) 255

by genner (#47057151) Attached to: Americans Hate TV and Internet Providers More Than Other Industries

I an a FIOS customer, and they have 3 plans of issue here: Select HD, Prime HD, and ExtremeHD. Select has every channel I want. Prime adds some channels, but takes away others, namely BBCA. Extreme then is Select+Prime+more. I'd be happy on Prime if it had BBCA, but as a result, I pay a price difference of $340 a year for one channel. I could deal with dropping it and going Amazon and getting the BBC shows that way, but there are severals hows on there that I watch. (And I'm not referring to St:TNG reruns)

Dr Who?

Comment: Re:Do the states that allowed people to carry guns (Score 1) 274

by genner (#46953157) Attached to: First Arrest In Japan For 3D-Printed Guns

require the people carrying a gun to also carry liability insurance and carry proof of that insurance with them anytime they are carrying their gun? I hope so, but probably not.

I think that if we are required to carry liability insurance and proof thereof for something as mundane as driving a car we should require the same for carrying something that is designed specifically to kill other people.

I think the "free market" could solve the gun problem in the US in a hurry. Insurers would simply make it so expensive to carry a gun that people would have to give up on the idea.

Yeah make it so that only the rich are allowed to have guns legally. I'm sure that will go over well.

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