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Comment Re:Where is the estimation of force * distance? (Score 1) 188

I wonder about that all the time when it comes to superheroes. Superman may harness the power of the sun, but his exposed skin doesn't collect enough to lift up a truck or stop a speeding train. How many calories does that take? And the Flash... could run 2 seconds at top speed before exhausting all the calories he could consume in a month.

To be fair they do show the Flash constantly eating.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 283

Ahh so we should live with this blight on computing forever because it was successful in a time where there weren't any alternatives for doing what it does?

There are alternatives now. Much better, much more efficient, standardized alternatives that aren't owned by a single [abusive] company. The time of Flash is over - adapt or die.

Alternatives such as?

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