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Comment Re:Trackball (Score 1) 207

I might get this mouse, if it's big enough to fit comfortably in my shovel-like hands.

Same problem here. How I'd wish to get a double size mouse. Or at least double width.

It's not a problem for regular desktop use. But for gaming, my major problem is my pinky dragging on the mouse mat. Apparently all the people designing mice are eight year old asian girls.

Comment Re:Everything Old is New again (Score 1) 213

10 weeks to learn how to install Windows Vista and set up printers and file sharing.

*Weeks* ?

I've never installed Vista, much less set up printers and file sharing, having never used Windows as a server (more of a Unix guy) but I'm fairly sure it wouldn't take me 10 weeks.

I'm pretty confident most casual users could do it in a couple hours by poking around a bit.

Comment Re:Why use an unknown AV program? (Score 1) 245

If someone showed up at your house and told you that your water could kill because of some microbe you have never heard of that they claim is getting into your pipes and the only way to make yourself safe is to install this helpful filter that they are selling would you believe them?

A /. reader probably not, but the general public ?

If there was any profit in it, you could easily create a scare campaign about DHMO which could turn very messy. People can be insanely gullible when you present things the right way.

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