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by gcnaddict (#48173163) Attached to: The Physics of Why Cold Fusion Isn't Real
Trade secret? Hell no. A working implementation needs to be patented. Trade secrets are exactly the wrong solution for protecting a mechanical invention. They're fine for code/algorithms and formulas, but not for anything mechanical.

The right solution is to get as much of the ambiguous detail of one working power plant complete (under the guise of a coal plant or something) and then build in the technology worth protecting immediately upon gaining Patent Pending status. Then, once the plant goes online and produces power successfully, submit evidence alongside the submission of its functionality.

bam, invention protected and secretly implemented all at once.

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by gcnaddict (#48099865) Attached to: Chimpanzee "Personhood" Is Back In Court
Oh, that's easy.

Said right-wing groups choke money spent on education standards, teach everyone "abstinence only!" when it's not realistic, etc., which results in people having babies because they had unprotected sex and didn't have the education for how to use contraception. Now that babies are born to people who are poor and didn't have the education to know how to reduce the risk of babies from the one act that could take the stress out of their life, they also can't get welfare, medicaid, etc. because "they aren't carrying their fair share," which forces their kids through poverty, shitty education, a lack of contraception knowledge, more babies, and more kids forced through poverty.

Honestly, if hard-right-wingers just said "Hey, we believe abortion is wrong, but use contraception to greatly reduce the risk of having a baby!", they might've actually had some support! But their current stance is "you can't use contraception, and you must take care of anybody you bring into this world on your own. We know you can't help but have sex because it's wired into your brain but screw you anyway."

Independent voter here. I usually vote for moderate Republicans, Independents, or moderate Democrats.

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It's not whether there's a substantial benefit towards building a certain mindset. It's that the game itself is inherently non-linear, allowing people to explore their own minds when playing.

For us adults who are set in our ways, minecraft might not be as fun as a sandbox as it might be as a player in an environment someone else built, but for a kid who really gives no shits about anything other than fucking around and doing what the mind and heart desire, minecraft is a pretty good playpit.

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New Research Suggests Cancer May Be an Intrinsic Property of Cells

No shit, really? Because all the knowledge of cancer-blocking genes (like p53) which trigger apoptosis (programmed cell death) wasn't a giveaway that runaway growth might actually be an intrinsic property of life? The whole point of these genes is to keep cells in a multicelled organism from defeating the ability for a given multicelled organism to live.

but I didn't read the study, so maybe this is saying something that isn't already obvious.

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Erm, no one has a right to drive let alone to have a certain amount of alcohol while driving.

Driving is a privilege earned by proving you have significant competence in controlling a two ton missile. It is a privilege revoked once proof exists to justify that you don't have that competence anymore. Adding an additional condition indicative of a lack of competence behind a roadgoing vehicle (regardless of how arbitrary one might think it seems) is within the bounds of the law because driving itself is a privilege.

Sorry to burst your utopian bubble there.

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