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Comment JOB DESCRIPTION (Score 0) 184

1. Maintain integrity of confidential US Federal Government

2. Ensure no publicity exists for anything that violates #1
      a. Snowen
      b. Hillary's top-secret emails on a private server box in somebody's back room
      c. General Petraeus [oh wait, that's been pled, spanked, and done]
      d. DHS employee data release in the wild because Palestine (?!?)
      e. FBI employee data release in the wild because Palestine (?!?)

3. Give speeches
      a. Going dark
      b. Silicon valley is unreasonable -- encryption can be made to only be used by "good guys"
      c. The NSA are good guys. Come on. Don't we all love the NSA?
      d. Palestinian hackers who release DHS and FBI employee lists are bad
      e. But the other Palestinian hackers, they must be good because #antiIsrael #antiJewish #proTerrorism #islamForPeace

and finally
4. Go into the private sector
      a. Sell underwear
      c. Profit

Comment Not Ever Going To Happen (Score 2) 144

The first response in this thread is "So it begins..." but no, so it does not begin.

The UK wants this (and that part is true) and USATODAY ("TV in print") is happy
to tell us. It's not a proposal. It's not a treaty. It's not a draft-anything. It's as much
of a NON-STARTER as you can get. It's USATODAY Friday Filler.

However, this is not something Congress can allow, the President can sign, and
the law be born. It is against the sovereign principles of a free nation, against
international law, and against the DoI and the COTUS.

It won't happen. Continuing to cry about it maybe happening is making more
noise than the deaf "oof" the nonstory would have made.

Thanks, Timothy! Slashdot's new regime continues to show its stellar qualities
of approving utter crapola for the front page!


Comment The TImothy Website (Score 1) 53

Seriously, since the buyout almost all slashdot postings are by timothy who might as well be the "I APPROVE ALL STUPID STORIES ROBOT."

Timothy - I have a captcha for you.

This story is just in line with the rest of the toilet-bowl material
- hack proof RFID because... um... MIT?
- Assange passport because UN committee?
- Vendors have firewalls with holes?

Next up something about the superbowl?

Please. Spare. Us. You can't resurrect good slashdot editors. Obviously you've killed them.
The honorable thing is to complete the job. Mirror... mirror.


Comment Re:First? (Score 2) 262

Because it didn't. Read the article. Don't add extra words you think are missing from her sentences
YOU SAID she confessed.
She did not.

YOU SAID she admitted to riding it
She did not.

Seriously, go detach from reality on your own now. I CAN'T QUOTE A NEGATIVE but you have not at all quoted her agreeing with any of the stuff you made up.


Comment Re:land uber helicopters in the uber ceo's backyar (Score 2) 81

Actually you're frothing at the mouth in your hatred and it's none too appealing, sir.

Try to keep a civil tongue in your head and go back to high school.
And sorry your taxi medallion isn't worth more than your chest hair.

Uber and Lyft are great (this stupid "Uber chopper" thing notwithstanding)

People who hate Uber and can't articulate without frothing at the mouth aren't great at all.

Best regards, and go off yourself to feel better.


Comment ICANN won't change. The proof is in its behavior. (Score 4, Informative) 183

----before you Reply/criticize, please read at least one of the links I posted below - thank you ---

Change in ICANN has been impossible to come by. The only "representative of the people", Karl Aurbach
tried for years to get some accountability, some rationality, some responsibility. Instead all he got was
stonewalled. It makes for interesting but not hopeful reading that ICANN is ready to manage a global
network with ANY sort of eye to "the stakeholders."

It's like letting the MAFIAA manage the Internet. Their goals are to please THEIR stakeholders, which
do not include those of us who enjoy Pandora, Spotify, Hulu, Bittorrent, etc.

Here's that "interesting reading" I promised. It's a small but representative subset.


Comment Only 4 states want money? Thus far... (Score 1) 117

Someone got this story on the early-morning side.

If there's any money to be had you can bet that every single other state in the Union will have their attorneys general filing suit to join in the grab for cash.

This isn't about protecting consumers.
This isn't about punishing companies that screw with consumers.
It's not even making it about having dinner safe at home at eight o'clock at night without the damn phone ringing.

It's about government entities wanting MONEY from anyone and everyone they can get it from.

This won't stay "DOJ and four states" very long.


Comment Obstructionists are funny -- till next job review. (Score 0, Troll) 89

This guy has a job and it's to be a sysadmin, not a BOFH. Instead of helping his coworkers he's being an ass... and he's proud of it.

Starbucks baristas provide WiFi passwords instantly, quickly, and without gross fruit issues.
So do motel front-desk check-in clerks.

If he can't do it, it's time to get a new job.

This guy should have to "stroke the banana" on his next job review to keep his job.


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