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Comment When is Mark Cuban news? (Score 2) 51

Mark Cuban once started off rich. Then he invested in RealPlayer and ended up super rich.
Good for him - that's what how the Land of Opportunity is supposed to be. You start out
with loads of money, and make even more from that. Awesome.

Lately though, he's been involved in failure. HDnet (anyone remember that?), the Dallas
Mavericks (anyone remember them), etc.

To be known for being foul-mouthed and poor-sportsmanship is not a golden chalice of

If Mr. Cuban wanted to contribute to charity he could easily do so -- and a lot more than
a measly $30K -- without resorting to foul-mouthed expressions.

He's a kid who never grew up, and there's nothing Peter Pan or cutesy about it.

Tucson AZ

Comment The word "publishedtariff" means a published price (Score 1) 75

As used by the Corporation Commissions of the various US states and the FCC, telecommunication carriers *must* publish a tariff, generally it must be approved [or if not specifically then it must be in line with previously approved guidelines], and only then charge consumers what it says.

Using the "uber model" of dynamic pricing -- whether a good idea or not -- is contrary to current US law and FCC regulations.

That brings up two questions:
1. SHOULD it happen?
2. What would be the result?

I'll get to #1 in a sec. first, what would be the result: In a free market, letting supply and demand control price and quantity makes sense. However, absent a notification method to let people know when they pick up the handset HOW MUCH THE CALL WILL COST people will be reluctant to make that call. Regulations forbid charging a number without informing people. If you let people know 'the cost is high" most of them will wait it out. Supply will stabilize but demand will reduce. Overall use will reduce. "Surge" pricing will lead to less demand, less calls, and lower overall product sold.

Given that, SHOULD it happen? No. A reasonably stable commodity price is what leads to consumer confidence to buy, buy now, buy later, and keep on buying. A fluid price leads to a lack of consumer confidence, which with things you can't "store up for later when they're more expensive" leads to less spending. Less spending = downturn economy.

Stupid idea. Regulatorily forbidden in the US.
Glad it's dead on the vine.


Comment This may not be that trivial (Score 1) 189

12 - any number that ends on a multiple of 2 is an even number and hence can't be prime
123 - any number whose sum of digits is divisible by 3 is not a prime
1234 - covered in 12 above
12345 - any number whose last digit is a 5 (or 0) is evenly divisible by and hence can't be a prime
123456 - covered in 12 and 123 above
1234567 - the first possible candidate not immediately eliminatable based on consistuent digits
12345678 - covered in 12
123456789 - covered in 123 above
1234567890 - covered in 12 and 12345 above
Now we start adding the same sequence back
12345678901 - second possible candidate
same rules eliminate all of these up to

Which means out of each ten digits there are only two candidates for primes - a number ending in 1 or a number ending in 7.

Except that every 3 1-0s they can be eliminated as a multiple of 3
Every 5 1-0s they can be eliminated as a multiple of 5
Every 6 1-0s they can be eliminated as per 3 1-0s above
Every 9 1-0s they can be eliminated as per 3 1-0s above

So while ostensibly there are potentially 20% primes in the 1-0 sequence, 40% of those are eliminated in the up-to 10 such sequences, and so on and so on. In fact as you get larger numbers, the predictive nature of the sum of the digits at any juncture allows eliminating more and more numbers asymptotically reaching zero.


Comment This is fantastic. (Score 5, Insightful) 247

I once went on a date where the girl said "I am going to set everything up. It will be a surprise. You'll like it! Don't try to guess what's going to happen!"

It was a great time!

The TTP is almost like that. We don't know what's coming until it does; we all get fucked; big pharma and big media have a great time.


Comment Re:I wish the seven of them a good time (Score 1) 104

LoL! I'm no troll. Allow me to expound.

The Internet has been alive and well. I don't know what YOU think of it TODAY so that's not really a definition.
It was working just great for those of us in universities, at government labs, at companies supporting the Internet, etc.
I'm sorry you weren't aware of it, and some confusion about internet=html hadn't occurred yet either. gopher was pretty good! (for its time)

As for #2... BOTH the creator of Minix AND the creator of Linux have both stated quite clearly (in response to the Samizdat book that never got published but was covered on Groklaw) that Linux did NOT in any way come from MInix.

Andy was upset at Linus because Andy believes in a microkernel architecture and Linus believes in a monolithic kernel. The two disagree, which is allowed and functional. There's room for both. Right now, though, if the minix developers (chortle) are emailing each other, they're doing it on linux boxes.

I'm no troll. Do you know how you can tell? It's because EVERYTHING I said above is easily proven fact by a simple google search. No need to be convoluted, try to obfuscate the truth, use bing or siri, etc. Just google it. It's all true.

One more thing, Sir, I use my real name. That doesn't in and of itself make me a non-troll.. but it does give you the ability to (omg google that too) see that I know these facts. I was there. When the Internet "as we know it today" (whatever) was there. Long before Minix. As it will be long after Minix.

Ehud Gavron
Tucson AZ
P.S. I'm not a linux fanboi. I whet my teeth on VAX/VMS. However, the market has spoken (and HP and Compaq are great at turning diamonds into coal) and Linux is the market leader for server OSs and desktops for people too stupid to know when not to click "open this attachment".

Comment Re:I wish the seven of them a good time (Score 1) 104

Minix the book came out in 1987. The Internet was developed in 1973, was connecting universities and research centers and companies as the NSFnet in 1985.
1985 and 1973 are both before 1987 so no, there WAS TOO an Internet when Minix came out.

Secondly Linux did NOT come out from Minix. Both Andrew Tenenbaum and Linus Torvalds said that.

I've giving you ZERO out of two possible points for telling the truth and not being a stupid troll.


Comment I wish the seven of them a good time (Score 4, Funny) 104

"The idea is to exchange ideas and experiences among MINIX 3 developers and users..."

I wish all seven of them have a good time exchanging ideas and experiences.
Perhaps they could use email.
You know.
Like through a linux server.
That's how it works.

"If the OSI developers are emailing each other, it's over TCP/IP" -- Steven Belovin, before you were born
"If the Minix developers[sic] are emailing each other, it's on Linux systems" -- me


Comment THIS. ISN'T. SCIENCE. It's SCIENCE-FICTION (Score 0) 203

I'm not sure how they keep getting headlines for not doing the very basic parts of the scientific process.

It's not published.

It's not peer reviewed.

It's not duplicated.

I'm not even going to touch the "it violates the third law of thermodynamics" or the rest of that because until it gets published, peer reviewed, and duplicated, it's not science, it's SCIENCE-FICTION.

Go Pons and Fleischman! Go cold-fusion! Go EM drive!

Comment Slashdot moderators owned by NYPD (Score 4, Interesting) 190

Every story is modded down.
- NYPD violates constitutional tenets (0)
- NYPD violates FOIA rules (0)
- NYPD thinks they are a terrorist fighting organization (0)

Dear /. editors: whomever moderated this thread shouldn't get mod points for another 30 years. I know you think you have checks and balances. So does the NYPD.


Comment fanbois with a pottymouth (Score 1) 111

Yes, because you had a valid point to make, I'm sure, but couldn't articulate it without going into the toilet.
As a result the only one covered in the brown stuff is you, and not those "mysterious GPL fanbois" for fear of whom you wear your aluminum-foil hat.

Go gently into the night, and bring toilet paper, and don't come back.


Comment Star Trek is a MILITARY service (Score 4, Informative) 563

Star Fleet is a conceptual futuristic military space navy. This means people are provided uniforms, living quarters, meal rations, and a function to perform. If that's the kind of thing you like it's available here on planet Earth today at your nearest military recruiting station (or the FFL if your country has none such.)

However, that's not how any of the rest of the Star Trek universe works. The Ferengi are notorious "horse" traders and they sell for gold-pressed latinum. That's a currency, and it's only one of the many currencies. Even in the original series there were traders (Harry Mudd) and crimes and criminals and evil doctors who experiment on people and fame and fortune and money.

Those who call Star Trek a utopia are conflating "not much need for cahs aboard a naval vessel" with the rest of the universe -- where it is very much in need!


Comment Re:Amazon? (Score 1) 106

But do you understand the definition of "asshole" in this context?

Because when all you do is
a. Lie "it does not pin it on Amazon" (The headline most certainly does.)
b. Talk about yourself "I'm in IT"
c. Be a dick "I also understand the definition of 'through' in this context"

It's clear you're either a narcissistic sociopath or just an asshole.
That's why I asked if you know the definition.


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