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Comment Re:It's not just IT (Score 1) 152

I had a boss like that 15 years ago. Every time he went on a trip the whole office had a breakfast to celebrate.
He left after a while

Last year (at a new job) his new company successfully sued him for 1.2 Million Euros and won. In Germany this is unprecedented, so he must have been total utter cockup at his job. Pity the new company is now the new bankrupt company. And he already found a new job as a senior manager.

Comment Re:Excel is a bit like SAP (Score 2) 118

Me. I love spreadsheets.

I was a student in 1988. In my first year I was given the option to do my own project and I volunteered to write a spreadsheet, in DOS, (windows did not exist then) in text mode, in C. Because I wanted to. it was my idea. Because I always wanted to write a spreadsheet. Nice program too, it has the same key commands as Joe/Wordperfect. Still use it occasionally.

I like databases too.

Comment Re:Well, news? Yes, but for Nerds? (Score 1) 77

A nuclear armed 3D printed drone with Anthrax spore coated plutonium blades that connects to the IoT, has iPhone connectivity with an app that hacks Tesla cars and then holds the car hostage until a ransom is paid in bitcoins and, using Stringray, sends the car's phone metadata to the NSA

In that case ./ will go gaga about the involvement of the NSA and forget the rest.

Comment Re:How is this paid for? (Score 2) 1291

Switzerland certainly has nothing of the kind. The are planning on voting on something like a BI next year, but for sure no-one get money rained onto them at the moment. Why, they want to I would not know. I get there a lot (live a few km from the border, wife works there) and considering the cost of living the normal income is pretty high.

Comment Re: Forced conversion (Score 1) 441

My GF had a religious freak friend who insisted on giving me some religious tract.. The next time she saw me and asked me what I thought I told her "it warmed my heart". I was not lying. Thing is, my house was warmed with a fire, and I needed something to light the, em, fire.

And before you accuse me of bible-burning, it was some stupid 20-page religious pamphlet of some sect, not a bible.

Comment Easy mistake (Score 1) 150

I once did something similar. I had a screen on a web app which had a form. On the next screen the Delete button was at the same place the submit button on the form.

The nice lady user had a habit of DOUBLE clicking for some reason. Which means she submitted the form and then deleted the record directly in the next step because the second click went to the delete button.

Took us a bit to figure out why the docs were deleted.

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