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Comment: Re:More religious whackjobs (Score 1) 240

Political issues in Manilla had a lot to do with abandoning Subic Bay. Locals clashed with bused-in supporters because they did not want to lose the money from the base. Those issues have been largely overwhelmed by fear about China these days

The Philippines is a vast, diverse country that does not make an easy one-for-one comparison with Hawaii.
I believe that is is easier to compare the entirety of Hawaii to Subic Bay's local province of Zambales than it is to compare Hawaii to the entire Philippines

While I agree that China is forcing US and their allies to support a larger military in the region, I would also state that the localized benefit to Subic Bay or the Hawaiian islands matters most to the people who live close to the bases

Comment: Re:More religious whackjobs (Score 1) 240

I suppose that opinion matters if you are talking to people in Manilla, Palawan or Subic Bay as to what they think the primary benefit is

Chinese encroachment is the primary reason, same with Vietnam, for local governments to welcome a US presence, but localized economic improvement is a benefit for the people who are local to wherever the US decides to drop anchor

Comment: Re:More religious whackjobs (Score 2) 240

I would suggest that Hawaii's strategic place in the Pacific has lead to a considerable influx of military money, military personnel and associated increase in the economy related to it

The Philippines, which had demanded that the US Navy abandon Subic Bay in the 90's, is welcoming the of the US Navy's return with open arms because of the boost to the economy

Sure, it is nice to harbor old-timey notions and traditions, but be careful that they do not have long term downsides

Comment: Re:What's the point ? (Score 3, Informative) 76

by garyisabusyguy (#49595435) Attached to: Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Launches Its First Rocket

"We’re already designing New Shepard’s sibling, her Very Big Brother – an orbital launch vehicle that is many times New Shepard’s size and is powered by our 550,000-lbf thrust liquefied natural gas, liquid oxygen BE-4 engine."

So, this is a technological stepping stone to an orbital vehicle

Comment: Re:Video? (Score 1) 17

Thanks, the vid was a little underwhelming,
A total of 10 images, each lasting ten seconds with a pan/scan added that tries to make it look like it's moving faster than that, but that blows the frame of referene from image to image so you can't see how the light and dark areas as moving
I was hoping for a few thousand images built into a video at 30 frames a seconds for the full 60's psychedelic rock show experience
Yeah, yeah, I wanted too much for my simple amusement :/

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