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Comment Re:Licensing (Score 1) 91 91

Yes, but Oracle currently charges licensing based on the number of cores you are running their software one, databases in particular.

The massive number of cores in this chip (and transistor count increases with core count) would lead to large licensing fees, unless Oracle creates a means to limit the cores that their product runs on based on licensing

In the 90's it was pretty popular to tie application licensing to a CPU ID, I wonder if something similar would come into play here

Submission + - Boeing 777 parts wash up on Reunion Island - what are the odds from MH370?

garyisabusyguy writes: According to this CNN article, the part numbers on the washed up airplane parts correspond to a Boeing 777.

Given that no other 777 's have crashed into the Indian Ocean, and that the Indian Ocean Gyre would move wreckage from the West coast of Australia towards Africa...

Some questions come to mind:
1. What are the odds that this is wreckage from MH370?
2. Is there any other reason that people would be dumping 777 parts into the Indian Ocean?
3. If it is from MH370, can analysis of the Gyre provide additional insight into the location of the crash?
4. What are the tools that can be used to analyze the currents of the Gyre, and how accurate are they?

Comment Re:Swift (Score 2) 351 351

"anybody can write crappy apps." FTFY

To go a bit further, given cushy enough tools (Dreamweaver comes to mind), any damn fool can put something out there. Will it be useful, or will it actually hamper the work that people are trying to do? That is a good question

What it comes down to, in my mind, is whether are not decent tools are being made available to people who are capable of producing something useful, or beautiful, from them

The common availability of the tools to create software, and the elimination of outrageous barriers to their use seems to be the goal to me

If we accomplish that, then people who have creativity, logic, etc will be able to create software that enables the people who use it to accomplish tasks, perform work, enjoy their lives entertain others, etc...

That seems to be what we should want, rather than some notion that every damn fool will be able to create software

Comment Re:Blimey (Score 1) 502 502

That would be pretty hilarious, although I would hope to have some compact fission/fusion reactor with about twice the expected life of the trip as a primary power source...

Things do go wrong... I remember an old Heinlein story where Cu (I think) was used to power their star-drive and somebody sent him and another astronaut on a 'one way trip to oblivion'.

They managed to react enough copper out of her wedding band to effect an escape, since Heinlein only killed a few of his protagonists

Comment Re:Just products, or services too? (Score 2) 97 97

You can look up the products and see which ones have US-sided tariffs that are being eliminated

For example, non-volatile memory

Switches and routers ...have no existing US tariffs, and we would benefit from other countries dropping their barriers to trade

However, stereoscopic microscopes enjoy a 5-7% US tariff, and will see competition

It will take a while to sort out, but this may work in our advantage

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