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Comment Life Happens (Score 1) 413

I started playing WoW on day 7. I just canceled my account this February. I still enjoy the game, but in the last several years, I've gotten married (which affected playing time slightly), and in January had a baby - which completely killed all available playing time. I wasn't going to pay to not play a game I didn't have time for any more. Now, my games consist of facebook games, because I can play for 5,10,15 minutes and drop it and take care of the baby - not possible in WoW. Maybe when my daughter doesn't need as much attention, and I don't need to sleep every chance I get, I'll re-join, but until then, I'm one of those non-subscribers.

I suspect that I'm not the only person who's gone through several life stages over the last several years, and well, that's what happens.

Comment Re:Does it work in reverse? (Score 1) 250

As another needlephobe - I've found that you can ask all you want for capillary puncture, the docs just tell you they can't do it that way and to suck it up and act like an adult. Until I got pregnant, I had a double dose of Xanax or valium to get me to submit to a blood draw. They don't like giving those drugs to pregnant women, so my care providers and I have a "plan" for my issue. It really does make me feel better just knowing that my midwives are aware of my issues and are willing to work with me. Find a provider that is willing to work with you and whatever coping mechanisms you need - whether that's an anti-anxiety drug or a trusted friend.

Comment Can't email myself (Score 1) 366

POP access in Yahoo mail plus has a very annoying restriction - I can't email (or cc: ) myself. I'm not sure why, but guess the idea is to stop people from using yahoo mail to archive files, which is ridiculous esp since I'm paying good money to use yahoo mail plus.

Journal Journal: New Job!

Well, after months of looking for a new job, I've accepted a position with FoundStone in Washington, DC. It sounds like a great job, and I start on Jan 20.

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