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Comment openSUSE 11.4 is better (Score 2) 96

haven't tried 12.2 yet and guess I won't:

DID try 12.1 quite a lot and was terribly disappointed.

Reformated harddrive and reinstalled 11.4 - and HAPPY!


11.4 has GNOME 2 - Now THAT's a GREAT UI.

(At least when seeing the alternatives)

Comment Re:CRC (Score 1) 440

Or just by file size first, then do a hash. No need to compute a hash to compare a 1mb file and a 1kb file.

thats exactly right.

Some time ago (years?) I came across a little book called "wicked cool perl scripts" (do a google shure you find it..) In one of the first chapters there is a script that does exactly what you describe ( if I remember right):

To find duplicate files it goes down the directory hierarchy, sorts the files by size and does a md5sum comparison of files with similar size.

I tried it out once in awhile and it always worked out very well for me.

The scripts themselves can be downloaded from the publishers website. Have a look if your interested -

(btw. I do not have any commercial interests in this recommendation..)


Submission + - ENV - Hydrogen Powered Bike

massivacom writes: ENV — Hydrogen Powered Bike. The vehicle runs on a removable fuel cell, emits almost nothing, and will be street legal. Top speed, for now, is 50 mph. Production versions go on sale later this year

Submission + - A look inside Debian 4.0 - Etch

luna6 writes: " Article covers installing and running the new Debian Etch operating system. While the installation did not go problem free, after graphics were fixed, Debian was just a blast to use. One of the best releases to have come out. Read the review for more details."

Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Avoid 538

jcatcw writes "First there were the 20 must-have Firefox Extension and ensuing Slashdot discussion. Now Computerworld has the top 10 to avoid. For example, NoScript, which does make Firefox safer, but isn't worth the hassle, Or, VideoDownloader for slow downloads, when it works at all. Then there's Greasemonkey — on both lists."

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