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Comment: Re:Iran is not trying to save money (Score 1) 184 184

if you don't think iran is building a nuclear weapon you have reached a level of naive idiocy beyond contempt

i don't care if you think it is ok for them to build one, or not ok. it doesn't matter if you think they deserve a nuclear weapon or not

but they obviously are

if you think they aren't you are a ridiculous gullible fool and all i can do is wonder what other ignorant propaganda you blindly believe in laughable contrast to basic reality

Comment: What's the next project? (Score 3, Informative) 36 36


I'm joking of course but considering the historical significance of the name Enigma as a cypher that was spectacularly hacked to divulge crucial war secrets, it might not have been the best PR to call their project that name.


Comment: can he countersue? (Score 2) 184 184

can't the guy claim Office Space Solutions ripped him off?

i mean, i don't actually believe that, "Work Better" is not a difficult slogan to formulate

but when dealing with this kind of abusive litigation, i think it's fair to reply to this kind of crap with the same crap

"your honor, Office Space Solutions must have found my website and decided to steal my intellectual property" or some such nonsense

Comment: Re:Because job outfit only look for links in googl (Score 1) 141 141

You aren't fighting the evil government or evil gossipmongers.

You're fighting the basic facts of how information works.

Europe has produced many great literary works. Such as Cervantes' Don Quixote jousting at windmills. Same absurd effort at containing information that is public. You're an absurd character fighting reality in the name of a dead era and losing.

I mean I'm sad I am going to die someday and I think it's unfair. Should I pass a law against dying and that solves the problem? Same thing with this moronic European delinking law: it doesn't work and you're just fighting the inevitable.

Comment: Re:Because job outfit only look for links in googl (Score 1) 141 141

Do you think a credit agency would really have a problem getting around your dumb law? Another search engine? A proxy? Heck: it's a big business, they can write their own damn spider that simply looks for financial personal info on the web.

So if the problem really bothers you, you pass a law: "credit agencies can't keep records past 10 years"

That's actually effective.

Not this bulshit "the info is still there but you have to use a proxy or another search engine to find it." You really think someone committed to finding out this info about you won't make the extra 20 seconds of effort involved?

A dirtbag employer who is spending 5 minutes looking for dirt on potential employees won't think to use a proxy to find out the dirt he knows is out there? Really? You think using a proxy is as hard as going for microfiche in a library? Really?

Your "solution" is a pathetic band aid to make a few airheads feel good about your concern in a shallow way and with zero thought, without actually solving the actual fucking problem in a meaningful way.

Comment: Re:Because job outfit only look for links in googl (Score 1) 141 141

you're acting as if an asshole bigot of a boss is some new invention the internet has given vast power to. this type of person always existed, and instead leveled his moronic judgments against you based on gossip or your appearance

the real solution is not to work for asshole bigots, or go after them if you have something actionable. what is never the solution is make believing you can censor the internet just for the sake of escaping the judgment of narrow minded assholes you don't want in your life anyway. even if such censorship magically worked, the douchebag boss will still be pulling this crap on you. he always did. he always will. the problem is the douchebag. not the technology. trying to change the technology is the wrong solution to the problem

Comment: Re:Because job outfit only look for links in googl (Score 1) 141 141

hey, i'd much rather have a job than not dying of black lung

hey, i'd much rather have a job than not be sexually harassed

hey, i'd much rather have a job than ever see my family and have a life

pretty moronic game you;re playing, no? a job doesn't justify abuse. if an employer is abusive piece of shit, someone should do something about the asshole employer. not roll over and take it up the ass. suit yourself, but not all of us are completely spineless

Comment: Re:can someone from Europe please explain (Score 1) 141 141

the information is still there

you think it's hard to use another search engine or use a proxy and search from an IP address in another country without the moronic law?

the law purports to make public info magically not exist. why don't we pass laws against gravity while we're at it?

so fucking stupid

Comment: Re:Because job outfit only look for links in googl (Score 2) 141 141

if i push you out a window that's not fair. but you can't take it back either just because it's not fair. you can and should prosecute me for pushing you out a window. but you can't magically snap your fingers and magically you never fell out a window. same if i divulged your private info publicly

Can you say how it is failing? Sure, the information is there


Comment: Re:Because job outfit only look for links in googl (Score 2) 141 141

so people should be judged for stupid shit they did as teenagers and should be ashamed of that their entire life? out of fear of remaining employed by narrow minded douchebags? that's your vision of life? you're a weak piece of shit aren't you

but you are right: before the internet this info decayed. and? so what

welcome to a new age

technology changes things. life before nuclear power, the gun, the printing press: all very different

society was, is, and will be dramatically altered by new technology. i'm certain some nobleman somewhere started pouting it wasn't fair peasants were now reading and demanding something called "democracy" too. so we shouldn't adapt new technology?

things change. can't put the genie back in the bottle friend. adapt or die

however, i agree with you: i too think it's lame someone might be judged for stupid shit they did in high school 20 years later or for their sexuality. so i think we have the basis for an actually effective, moral law: prosecution of piece of shit bosses for moronic shallow employment decisions

but certainly not a dumb law like "we can magically make public info private in the age of the internet"

Comment: Re:Because job outfit only look for links in googl (Score 1) 141 141

then you should stop hanging around douchebags and/ or stop telling private stuff to douchebags

for once that douchebag makes your private details public, it's public

i mean an asshole can throw you out a window too. that's wrong. but just because it's wrong doesn't mean you magically didn't get thrown out a window and magically didn't die. you can't take that back

likewise, information that has been made public, stays public. if it got public by nefarious means, so what? punish the nefarious piece of shit that made it public. you can't say "it's wrong it's not fair" and pout and then it magically becomes private again

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