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Comment Re:Cost of access is key. (Score 1) 372

before Europe had boats


The earliest known boats are log-boats or dugouts, with examples from Holland and Denmark going back to the Middle Stone Age or Mesolithic at about 7000 BC.

Boat History

Boat making most likely predates all known groups of people. Otherwise, you are correct.

Comment Re:r u srs (Score 1) 519

So their own videos of drowning people in cages, roasting people to death in cages, executing people on their knees for differing beliefs, executing people for being homosexual, boasting of their sex slaving, executing groups of children and sawing off the heads of live captives doesn't do it for you.

I dare say your level of convincing is too extreme.

Note that I'm not trying to apologize for ISIS.

You only think you're not.

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