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Comment: Posted this before (Score 2) 371 371

But it's worth repeating in this context. Thankfully, it wasn't me.

When I worked at a KC bank, we had a Wire Transfer team manager who loved golf. He was supposed to come in Saturday and test a firmware/OS upgrade, then restore. Nice, sunny day Saturday, so he decided golfing would be better.

Came in Sunday. Installed firmware/OS upgrade. Tested fine. Forgot to reinstall previous firmware and powered up old OS.
Incompatible. Froze the machine solid. He panicked and tried for maybe four hours to fix things himself. No go. Finally called Cupertino for help 4+ PM.

The techs had to be found, gathered and flown out from CA to disassemble said machine and reassemble. No wires until 1 or 2 PM Monday. Much money loss for all customers.

To answer the obvious question, no - beyond my understanding, he wasn't fired or even demoted.

Comment: Re:Why force her to do something she doesn't want (Score 2) 248 248

"Give a woman a child" - You're an asshole. A rational man doesn't give his wife a child, they share one. My daughter was the best thing that ever happened to me and I don't regret any 'inconvenience'. I pity any partner you end up with because you obviously only see them as that wallet you referred to.

Comment: Re:Fails to grasp the core concept (Score 1) 228 228

(or at a more advanced level, are programming a computer to learn how to learn things)

That is pure hope as well as circular. I don't think he's dismissing the concept so much as dismissing the current field operatives as being anywhere near as far along as they promote themselves to be. He's doing it with a heavy dollop of derision, but I'm seeing that from the opposite side as well. .

Comment: Re:"No idea how... the brain works" (Score 1) 228 228

Might you then explain to us how a neuron weighs the incoming signals and decides which axons to direct its outgoing signals to?

I know you gave yourself a caveat with "large scale", but those large scales don't really cut it for understanding how the brain fundamentally works, and in order to replicate its functioning in code (develop actual artificial intelligence), we will need to understand that. Add in how the effects of the various chemical baths it is subjected to modify cellular functioning and the prospect is even muddier. (That 'testy' lashing out allusion.)

We don't simply need to know what areas do what and a vague knowledge of how they interact, we need to understand in enough detail what it is they are doing at all levels for us to translate that into a hairily complex software system . A system quite a bit more hairy than one using a movie script database would or could be.

I'd put money on the programmers having coded in a limit (possible variable) on the number of times a specific line of inquiry could be asked before that rather canned response was generated.

Comment: Re:What if I told you... (Score 1) 89 89

Writing software which was then mostly run in house on data stored in house. Smarter banks had teams that did the installation and maintenance in house as well. In the banks I spent those same decades you mention contracting for, they rented their wire transfer software (which I worked on) and we had complete access to the source code and managed the compilations and never once did the financial data leave bank systems for storage. Even the backup machinery was bank owned. Hell, when it was still being used, even the microfiching was in house.

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