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Comment Re:Life after Amazon (Score 1) 246

1) I've never had Amazon sit on an order for a week without a notice that the item wasn't in stock.

2) I just went to Amazon and ran a test. The shipping price is *not* built into the item price. I ordered one, the two comupter mice. Same mouse each time. The shipping was $8.29 and $8.49. So your statement is demonstrably false.

Comment Re:Wonderful Thing (Score 1) 246

Ah, purposefully switching "chooses" from purchaser to seller. Of *course* the seller chooses their price. *All* of the competing vendors do. Then the customer chooses the price they like for the goods they'll receive.

If you're going to imply someone's shallow, don't be so shallow yourself.

Comment Re:Actually great UX for everyone else (Score 1) 246

The immediate feedback is the button push and knowledge you ordered the laundry soap. Also, there's no *MAYBE*, the purchase is sent and the soap will arrive later. (Most people don't wait for the empty box to get more soap and so don't need it to materialize on the spot, they put it on a list and get it later. Much the same logic as the button.)

I think it will catch on somewhat.

Comment Re:That's all that consumer-oriented businesses do (Score 1) 246

The problem with the complainers is they act as if their complaints must be taken as fact, not opinion and hurt feelings.

Complain all you want, but if you generally receive that little finger wave brush-off, you might reevaluate the need for publicly airing your personal opinion as if the other party were an actual villain.

Comment Re:That's all that consumer-oriented businesses do (Score 1) 246

I said yes, but labeling isn't in the interests of any producer,...

So, you lied to him to win your argument. Labeling most certainly is in the interest of the producer because it's an interest of the consumer.

if none of them labeled, then would customers just choose to starve to death?

Another piece of bogosity. This is definitely *not* the only alternative available.

Your friend missed two fallacies in your #2 "gotcha" query.

Comment Re:Well-regulated militia (Score 1) 682

Oh please.

First, I attributed the first definition, so you're simply FUDding by implying it's mine. Go bark up a real tree.

Second, I was pointing out that the promoted definition of militia was too narrow and so the subsequent argument against the public obtaining arms is flawed.

Third... Well hell, I at least brought in a definition. How's this? You grab the legal definition and post it.

Comment Re:Well-regulated militia (Score 1) 682

There's no way in hell any government would pass a law forbidding its own soldiers from carrying weapons.

Maybe not law but we have a number of dead military personal gunned down in their offices to demonstrate our military will indeed disarm their troops.

I'll presume to correct your statement to mean "any sane government".

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?