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Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 506

As my ex father in law, a Professor Emeritus in theology used to say, "If all the splinters of the cross were assembled, the cross would have been too big to drag through the streets." As you said, forgers were plentiful and good at their craft. Usually it was just wood chunks and chicken bones, but this one was exemplary.

Comment Re:Life after Amazon (Score 1) 258

1) I've never had Amazon sit on an order for a week without a notice that the item wasn't in stock.

2) I just went to Amazon and ran a test. The shipping price is *not* built into the item price. I ordered one, the two comupter mice. Same mouse each time. The shipping was $8.29 and $8.49. So your statement is demonstrably false.

Comment Re:Wonderful Thing (Score 1) 258

Ah, purposefully switching "chooses" from purchaser to seller. Of *course* the seller chooses their price. *All* of the competing vendors do. Then the customer chooses the price they like for the goods they'll receive.

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