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Comment Taste (Score 1) 256

I raised my daughter myself and we ate lots of veggies. Steamed or otherwise, you have to make them taste good. Learn to cook well, not just cook. If you put it in your own mouth and you don't close your eyes at the flavor the kid won't either. I never had problems with her eating vegetables.

Comment Re:It's amazingly simple to have economic growth (Score 1) 142

Those babies aren't squealing because there's no food available, they're squealing because their shit for brains parents won't get it, preferring to satisfy their or immediate wants first.

During an early hard period of my life I utilized food stamps. They are easy to get and actually a little difficult to get them to turn off. BUT, you have to get off your ass to do it.

In other words, your argument is moot. Especially as the two activities are not at all mutually exclusive and the first will facilitate the second in short order.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."