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Comment Payback time (Score 1) 205

I used the newer video cards power improvements as one of the reasons to replace an older card*. The other reason for the upgrade was so I could play more of the new games coming out on Linux. I didn't factor in that I would spend more time gaming though...

*Replaced a Radeon HD 3870 for an Geforce 750 Ti.

Comment Don't worry.. (Score 1) 220

Their is a published EOL data for Flash... unfortunately it's just for Firefox (and other NPAPI browsers) on Linux.

It's approximately February 2017. "Adobe will continue to provide security updates to non-Pepper distributions of Flash Player 11.2 on Linux for five years from its release."

The first step (IMO) to ending Flash is to get it click-to-play. Firefox isn't willing to do this, yet [1].. AFAICT the holdup is Adobe with EME.. *sigh*.


Comment I have the same question for... (Score 1) 373

Thermostats (wifi or 3g enabled)
Home Security Systems
Banks (some of their website security makes me really wonder)
Almost all "Internet of thing" smart home devices

I even have basic questions for (mostly android) cell phones. How long do I get security updates for any of these devices?

Comment You can't control the class, so you've failed. (Score 1) 355

Failing everyone in the class because you can't control the class is ridiculous (assuming the class size is not 10). If there are disruptive students that make you feel you need police protection, then you should do something about them (whatever's relevant for your schools policy, suspension, filling charges, etc).

Comment Need more requirements.. (Score 3, Interesting) 385

At the top end:
(customizable with Ubuntu 14.04)

What do you recommend for running Linux?
The latest Ubuntu LTS is a good start.

For a C++ development environment?
I really like Code::Blocks, but I'm thinking that wi'll be up to her...

An nVidia GPU helps accelerate the only "gravitational wave" program I've ever run ( Likely not relevant, but hey you did ask Slashdot.

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