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Comment: Visability into the boot (Score 3, Interesting) 928

by gQuigs (#48277653) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can You Say Something Nice About Systemd?

Systemd during a normal boot is doing some detailed logging of the boot process that let's you do a simper version of bootchart. This allows you to find out how long each service took to boot and also do a graph of them.

It's concerned complimentary to the actual bootchart...


Comment: Re:Ahhh ... (Score 2) 47

by gQuigs (#47316851) Attached to: Trivial Bypass of PayPal Two-Factor Authentication On Mobile Devices

I was just using to check out some financial sites: : F, supports insecure SSL 2.0 - A- - not the local bank.. apparently uses java.. .ugh.. - powered/provided by intuit - A- - B - due to not supporting TLS 1.2. (used by likely a few cu) - inconsistent - B, A- - B - due to not supporting TLS 1.2 - A- uses mixed content on home page.. really? - B - TLS 1.2 capped - A- -asks for login name on insecure website.. otherwise a B

I'm not impressed. My ~$10 a month Dreamhost account can get me a B rating (with SSL kindly provided by for free). And if they were running a newer version of Debian, I think it would be an A.

Comment: That's one aisle in Whole Foods (Score 4, Interesting) 794

by gQuigs (#46371235) Attached to: Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

It's the entire existance of the Creation Museum. To be fair I would like to see them get rid of that one aisle.

Whole Foods is doing a lot of really good initiatives, see:

And they don't just say blindly yes God said so to questions like "Is Organic better for you?:

And probiotics after taking antibiotics makes logical sense.... I remember a study that showed that our natural bacteria wasn't at the same level 1 year after taking antibiotics (please don't use this as an excuse to not take antibiotics). If we have the right probiotics available to us is a different story. My wife just got antibiotics and the hospital recommened probiotics...

*Disclaimer: I own a small bit of Whole Foods stock. I'm sure this post will greatly increase it's value....

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