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Comment You can't control the class, so you've failed. (Score 1) 355 355

Failing everyone in the class because you can't control the class is ridiculous (assuming the class size is not 10). If there are disruptive students that make you feel you need police protection, then you should do something about them (whatever's relevant for your schools policy, suspension, filling charges, etc).

Comment Need more requirements.. (Score 3, Interesting) 385 385

At the top end:
(customizable with Ubuntu 14.04)

What do you recommend for running Linux?
The latest Ubuntu LTS is a good start.

For a C++ development environment?
I really like Code::Blocks, but I'm thinking that wi'll be up to her...

An nVidia GPU helps accelerate the only "gravitational wave" program I've ever run ( Likely not relevant, but hey you did ask Slashdot.

Comment Visability into the boot (Score 3, Interesting) 928 928

Systemd during a normal boot is doing some detailed logging of the boot process that let's you do a simper version of bootchart. This allows you to find out how long each service took to boot and also do a graph of them.

It's concerned complimentary to the actual bootchart...


Comment Re:Ahhh ... (Score 2) 47 47

I was just using to check out some financial sites: : F, supports insecure SSL 2.0 - A- - not the local bank.. apparently uses java.. .ugh.. - powered/provided by intuit - A- - B - due to not supporting TLS 1.2. (used by likely a few cu) - inconsistent - B, A- - B - due to not supporting TLS 1.2 - A- uses mixed content on home page.. really? - B - TLS 1.2 capped - A- -asks for login name on insecure website.. otherwise a B

I'm not impressed. My ~$10 a month Dreamhost account can get me a B rating (with SSL kindly provided by for free). And if they were running a newer version of Debian, I think it would be an A.

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