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Comment: Re:Sounds like an open-and-shut false-arrest case. (Score 1) 550

by g00bd0g (#30221998) Attached to: Police Arrest Man For Refusing To Tweet

Huh, at least they respected your rights (sort of). I was once pulled over in Santa Cruz, CA, the cop asked if he could search my car, I said no, and he proceeded to do it anyways. He found nothing. As he was about to leave I asked why he had searched my car if I had said no, he said they were only required to ask, the answer didn't matter. Man I wish I had that on tape.

Comment: Re:I guess congratulations are in order (Score 1) 278

by g00bd0g (#30192060) Attached to: Berkeley Engineers Have Some Bad News About Air Cars

Exactly. We need to look at the total energy and resources required for any form of transportation solution. Compressed air may be inefficient in tems of energy usage, but is extremely effiecient in terms of resources required. Air is the only "free" energy storage medium. Should be able to make cheap, air-powered NEV's for a grand or two in mass production. I'm not saying compressed air vehicles are the complete solution, but they are a part of the solution.

Comment: Re:Here's a thought... (Score 1) 856

by g00bd0g (#28569401) Attached to: Bike Projector Makes Lane For Rider

Ed you ARE an ignorant fuckwit spreading dis-information. You are either deliberately trolling or truly ignorant of the law. It is expressly legal to ride a bicycle on all public roads in the USA, with the exception of some freeways and highways and bridges. This is fact. It is also legal to walk and ride horses as well. Are you honestly suggesting that people should be denied the right to freely move about their country if they don't have a car? They couldn't go to school, work, the hospital, etc...

But please don't let the facts or truth sway your fantasy reality.