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Comment: Most state support, because most are idiots. (Score 1) 420

by fygment (#48946281) Attached to: Most Americans Support Government Action On Climate Change

They have:

A poor appreciation of what's actually happening.
A poor appreciation of what's at stake.
A poor appreciation of the cognitive abilities of the average politician in understanding any science.
A poor track record of taking any _personal_ action to address issues.

Put it all together and most are likely stating support because they know that that's the right answer to give in the current political space of climate change.
Individually, some of the most brilliant people on the planet.
As a group? Idiots.

Comment: Biologists surprised ... again ... as always! (Score 0) 78

by fygment (#48903471) Attached to: Fish Found Living Half a Mile Under Antarctic Ice

Adding to the body of evidence that biology is not a science, simply 'butterfly collecting'. With no first principles, biology simply makes guesses based on what it has found in the past. It has zero capacity to predict the existence of life (even life 'as we know it'), let alone the nature of life.

Comment: Nuclear Weapons - Climate Change, Comparable? (Score 0) 145

by fygment (#48874081) Attached to: Doomsday Clock Could Move

Seriously? Proliferation of chemica/biological weapons doesn't register a nod over something as nebulous and topical as climate change?

What an example of bald-faced political commentary. Regardless of its origins with scientists, this is now just another meaningless and pretentious art show.

Comment: So. What? Are _you_ going to do anything? (Score 1) 360

by fygment (#48838489) Attached to: NASA, NOAA: 2014 Was the Warmest Year In the Modern Record

Going to get rid of your ride and take mass transit?
Going to use your electricity more efficiently eg. turn off pool pump/heater when not in use, shut off A/C/furnace when not in house, turn off lights and 'always on' appliances when not in use?
Going to start paying for repairs instead of throwing out whatever seems a bit broken?
Going to lose the dream of living in your own, lawn-ringed, home and move in to a small unit in an energy efficient, high density high-rise?

Didn't think so.

So how to stop these inane pseudo science, politically fuelled announcements?

Comment: The Air Force doesn't like 'unattractive' (Score 1) 279

The Air Force deems the Warthog unacceptably 'unattractive'. The plane does its job outstandingly well, offers its pilot exceptional protection, but ... it's ugly. The Air Force doesn't like "ugly". "Ugly" pilots get screened out during training, only T. Cruise types need apply. Same with ugly planes.

Comment: Ask yourself: resist change vice adapt to it? (Score 1) 114

by fygment (#48646341) Attached to: Geoengineered Climate Cooling With Microbubbles

Even if we humans ill-advisedly bugger around with geo-engineering things we don't understand, there will still be change. So why the drive to resist the change?

The only logical answer is: for money. The people who are profiting from the status quo, want to continue to do so. Another group of people are seeking to profit from the fear mongering.

We should be wondering why there isn't a push to come up with means of adaptation. If sea levels rise, how can we reasonably evacuate lowlands? What is the impact on power generation and how do we manage that? Will there be an impact on food production and if so, what can we do about that?

Think about that last one: which is seems more reasonable, stopping the (poorly understood) climate from changing, or the (well understood) adaptation of crops to a new climate?

Fact: whether we geo-engineer or not, the climate will change, as it has always changed. So, do you want to spend your money on trying to prevent the inevitable, or do you want to spend it on something achievable?

Comment: Better yet ... (Score 1) 57

by fygment (#48521499) Attached to: How High-Tech Temporary Tattoos Will Hack Your Skin

... what about a tatoo that attaches to your skin and is responsive to your environment? So picture a tatoo that:

changes pattern/color in response to radiation or chemical agents in the air as an early warning;
changes pattern/color in response to bluetooth signals so you could have an animated pattern transmitted from your phone or a person near you could transmit a pattern, like a virtual sig block.

Not related to the article but tatoos could be way cooler ...

Comment: Guess who decides? Your peers! (Score 1) 376

by fygment (#48496311) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: IT Career Path After 35?

Why is 30 the new 50? Because your colleagues who are now managers, say so.

They are climbing the career ladder and a component of their success is making the business profitable. You don't do that by hiring 30-somethings who know what they're worth. You do it by hiring new grads who are only too happy to be employed, regardless how little they are paid.

So talk to your peers.

Comment: Completely Predictable .. unlike the climate (Score 1) 367

Of course it would come to this.
This is precisely what was wrong with politicizing climate change. Eventually, someone would want to _do_ something. Because that is precisely the kind of mindset of a person who gets involved in politics.

Unfortunately, while we may explore what it is we can _do_, the repercussions of those actions are unknown. We do not understand our climate sufficiently to predict the impact of our actions.

Need proof of that? Ask for the assumptions made in the existing crop of climate models and the sensitivity to perturbations of those assumptions.

Fact: we can't predict the climate even when we don't mess with it, why do we think we can predict what will happen when we do?

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