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Comment: Marketing Outstrips MIT Meaningfulness (Score 1) 136

by fygment (#47529963) Attached to: Will Your Next Car Be Covered In Morphing Dimples?

This is a big WTF?
        The principles involved are well known and explored unto death to the point that they are high school science project fodder.
        The inspiration/precedent for this particular exercise came from ... a TV show known for its precise experimental process?
        More effective and practical methods of implementing the principles have been in existence for a while, see 'boundary layer control'.
        Did this become a story because its amazing science and engineering?
        Or because it is a slow week for MIT's marketing department?

Comment: Re:Hoping this is not as bad as it sounds (Score 1) 272

by fygment (#47493845) Attached to: White House Approves Sonic Cannons For Atlantic Energy Exploration

Makes sense because an animal hearing the loud sound will immediately clue-in that that was a warning shot, not a one-off, and that much louder noise is coming ... and be able to get far enough away from the source to be safe ... ... what kind of magical creatures are these?

Comment: _why_ can't we keep throwing hardware at it? (Score 1) 161

by fygment (#47493825) Attached to: Linux Needs Resource Management For Complex Workloads

Moore's Law speaks to computational horsepower per unit per cost. But even if the computational abilities do not continue to increase, the costs will keep coming down.

Hardware is cheap. It's not an elegant solution, but it's cheap. And getting cheaper.

Focus on the UX, because without that, who cares what your kernel can do? Machines are plenty powerful enough, what you want to do is get your OS in to the hands of the most users possible .... right?

Comment: Why did they have to study this? (Score 2) 710

by fygment (#47455973) Attached to: People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use

Here in an area known for bitterly cold winters, every new home goes up with an air conditioner, every second big home investment is a pool, and every other driveway has an SUV. Facts I've used to successfully shut up the local climate change propagandists for years. Oh well, I guess it's now official.

One supposes that the climate change outcry should really be: " I want someone else to take care of the effects of climate change so I can keep living just the way I please."

You really want to help the planet? Lighten your own footprint on it.

Comment: Bull crap (Score 1) 385

Renewables are only viable if we find ways to store energy effectively ... kind of like the way fossil fuels do.

Otherwise, virtually all the renewables need some form of backup, usually fossil fuel based ... so you'll still need fossil fuels.

And by the way, the most touted renewables (wind/solar) favour only a fortunate few on the planet. So come up with a way of shipping that stored power ... kind of like the way fossil fuels can be shipped to wherever power is needed.

Comment: All singing, all dancing Creatures for Good (Score 1) 64

by fygment (#47398765) Attached to: Study: Whales Are Ecosystem "Engineers"

Could you hit any more topical achievements: helps the fisheries, help the climate through CARBON STORAGE? Crap might as well throw in helps peace in the Middle East and nurtures orphan kittens.

Big message: don't hunt whales because ... they're good for fisheries and the climate and ... everything.

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