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Comment: Climate Whiz (et al) are all knowing, right? (Score 0) 138

by fygment (#47764533) Attached to: Climate Scientist Pioneer Talks About the Furture of Geoengineering

Because climate is part of the global system, clearly one must understand the interaction of all the components.
Which means the Climate Whiz (et al) know what all the components are.
And naturally, the Climate Whiz (et al) know what all the components do and how they work.
And, of course, how all the components interact.
With such knowledge one supposes that what 'they' say is true, there is nothing left to discover.

Oh, hey look here, was this already known? Hope there's nothing else hidden out there. How catastrophic could that be :-p

Comment: Don't be fooled. (Score 1) 272

by fygment (#47755767) Attached to: Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor

No it isn't the vents that were just discovered that contribute to climate change?
No no ...
It is climate change that caused the vents ?!
Can you spin things more blatantly?

In any case, yet more evidence of how little we know about our planet.
And more reason not to screw with it.
Adapt and accept that things change for reasons we cannot yet comprehend.
Laying blame and grandiose geoengineering 'cures', are the stuff of politicians and profiteers.
Don't be fooled.

Comment: Poorly Phrased Question (Score 2) 500

by fygment (#47747273) Attached to: If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

When I read "_how_ C strings work...", I began to think of what I knew about how the C language is actually implemented. And frankly, I don't know how C is implemented (eg. what happens after parsing, how things get converted to CPU instructions). Even though I've spent a fair bit of time writing in the language, I would have stumbled on that question and perhaps have asked you to clarify (something a younger person is less likely to do).

When I read your answer, I realized you were asking "how are strings defined in C" or "how do you use C with string types".

See the difference? On that alone, I guess you may have screened out a lot of good people.

Tangentially, this is also a good reason to not pay too much attention to survey results unless you have actually read the questions that were asked in the survey.

Comment: They. Just. Don't. Know. Here's what that means.. (Score 1) 303

by fygment (#47719509) Attached to: Scientists Baffled By Unknown Source of Ozone-Depleting Chemical

Some will blame humans.
Some will blame an unknown natural phenomenon.
Bottom line?

And yet, despite yet another glaring example of the tenousness of our grasp of natural and human processes, people continue to think that the planet can be engineered to 'solve' climate change, etc.

Maybe the climate is changing, maybe it's not. Maybe it's human caused, maybe it's not. We just don't know. And maybe the wise person will hold off on acting in ignorance so they don't make things worse. The only reason not to wait is to profit from the fear mongering. And that's just wrong.

Comment: Above ground hexagons? Only circles are stupider (Score 2) 61

by fygment (#47712139) Attached to: Modular Hive Homes Win Mars Base Design Competition

You're on Mars. You need to keep it simple, and keep resource requirements down. So why six walls instead of four? Why complicated join angles? Does the fact that all but the most artsy furniture is _square_, and hence fits best in a square/rectangular space, lost on the designers/judges? Does the fact that Mars dwellers might come from Earth, and hence long for something familiar, not suggest that a square/rectangular design might be better for the mental health of the colony?

We are not bees. We are human. Mars dwellers will not be 'artists', but people struggling to survive in an alien and hostile environment. Hexagon houses don't make any sense here on Earth, where they are easy to build and maintain. Why in heaven's name would they make sense on Mars?

You know what would make sense? Frickin' trailer parks of 'portables' like we use in hostile environments here on Earth! Worried about radiation? Put them underground dumbass!

Comment: Beginning of the End due to lack of knowledge (Score 3, Interesting) 174

We simply do not know enough about the planet to 'engineer' it.
Every past effort to 'engineer' nature, even the simplest, has discovered things it failed to take in to account eg. introduction of 'control' species that became 'invasive'.
On top of which, we don't have to engineer our way out of this. The clear solutions arepresent albeit mundane: more trees, less waste.
'Engineering' the planet simply means finding a way to allow us (humans) to continue to make inefficient or wasteful use of our resources.

So this is where I personally opt out.
        I will deny climate change simply in an effort to keep people from screwing with the planet and to encourage others to protest experiments.
        My next house will have two airconditioners, four cars (all SUV's), two pools, and as much 'always on' electronic gadgetry as I can stuff in it.
        All my future purchases will be quadruple wrapped in plastic, all my food processed, and I'll no longer recycle.

If you're going to engineer the planet, I'm going to make it worth your while.

Comment: Re:Answer to headlines question is, again, "No" (Score 1) 442

by fygment (#47694345) Attached to: Is Storage Necessary For Renewable Energy?

You're wrong on all counts. Neat!


a) _all_ forms of energy production need storage, simply because demand varies and production cannot be dynamically varied in sync. Therefore, energy produced that exceeds demand should, in the interest of efficient use of resources, be stored. Renewables _in particular_ require storage; and

b) the power usage of power-hungry industries _cannot_ be varied easily. Those industries respond to consumer demand and resource availability, neither of which is controlled "easily".

Comment: " ... only collect users' phone numbers ... " (Score 1) 64

So they only know who you speak with.
One wonders what that information would be worth and to whom.
Was phone number collection a condition in exchange for guarantees of the company's success, or did the company, after the fact, realise it had an additional profit line as its customer base increased?

Comment: Alternatives require no fuel? Wrong ... (Score 1) 409

In this neck of the woods every wind turbine has a back up generator.
Peak power demands are hot, windless, summer days.
So the back up power generator has to kick in. And the generators of choice? GAS TURBINES.

Solar you say?
Do you have any idea of how much square footage is required to meet peak demand? So it costs a fortune to hook the necessarily remote solar farms in to the grid (though in fairness, that has a lot to do with the price of copper).

Face it, 'fossil' fuels and nuclear are efficient ... when used efficiently.
Oh, and if you are really fussed about power consumption, then do something like say, get rid of your air conditioner ... hmm, thought not.

Comment: Dumb Profit Seekers (Score 1) 97

by fygment (#47629423) Attached to: The Doctor Will Skype You Now

Can doctors get any idler?

Anyways, stupid idea. Sick people want to share with a real person. Hard enough to do with a flesh and blood arse giving you 12 minutes of his/her time, let alone a 'remote presence' (as if that even makes sense). The only circumstance where the scenario is a necessary evil, is true remoteness eg. medical advice for people in very remote locations like the Arctic.

Next profit idea: don't even use a real doctor, instead, an avatar with AI that is 'really good at listening and looking'.

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