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+ - Plans for the Rich Web Application Backplane 2

Submitted by IndioMan
IndioMan (411484) writes "Both mashups and Ajax are now firmly entrenched in the Web landscape. Put them together and you have the makings for Rich Web applications. This article explains the Rich Web Application Backplane, currently a W3C Note, which is designed to bring standardization to the field, proving a set of common building blocks, or components, these applications tend to use."

+ - Do Not Call Registry gets wake-up call-> 2

Submitted by
coondoggie writes "If you signed up for the federal or your state's Do Not Call Registry a few years ago, you might want to thing about refreshing it. Pennsylvanians this week got a wake up call, so to speak from the state's Attorney General Tom Corbett who kicked off a public awareness campaign designed to remind people what many have forgotten or never knew — that the 2002 law set registrations to expire after five years. That is of course unless you want to start hearing from those telemarketers as you sit down to dinner. Corbett said about 2 million people signed up in the immediate aftermath of the law taking effect and those who do not act by Sept. 15 will have their numbers dropped from the registry on Nov. 1. The Pennsylvania action is a reminder that the National Do Not Call Registry has a five year life span as well. The Federal Trade Commission is set to being a nation campaign in Spring 2008 to remind all US citizens to refresh their federal Do Not Call Registry standing."
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+ - Jumpstarters For the Road To Compliance?

Submitted by frustratedbyitall
frustratedbyitall (1135971) writes "The recent discussion about implementing Unalterable Audit Logs for PCI DSS compliance, has sparked my interest in getting community advice on the larger topic of PCI DSS (and HIPPA, SOX etc.) compliance. What tools have you found useful? Are there any good free (or cheap) template policy documents? What have been the biggest challenges to your organization (outside of organizational issues) in achieving the holy grail of compliance and how did you conquer them? I've done a lot of research and it's really easy to find lots of firms wanting to help you out with consulting hours and/or products. Given that these are issues currently being faced by thousands of organizations, of course it was inevitable that a whole ecosystem would evolve around compliance of these relatively new policy standards. However, most of what I find seems to be junk, and it is therefore hard to distinguish the junk from the useful. For example, with respect to template policy documents I located several companies charging hundreds or thousands for templates that are of questionable quality. I have also found free templates at a few web sites, but they are more skeleton that template (contain outlines but no actual text). I'm also interested in finding good "how-to" guides for implementing a number of the system and network requirements — in order to curtail some amount of internal debate on such topics. For a company that has personnel on hand that are capable of achieving compliance, but would prefer to find some "jump starters", what can you suggest?"

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