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Comment Re:Terrible article (Score 1) 425

How many overweight people were there in the concentration camps? On a starvation diet, everyone becomes thin. Not that I'm suggesting a starvation diet is healthy or realistic, of course, but calories in obviously does matter.

Comment Re:Good luck ... (Score 1) 75

Sure, you pay for the smokers, drug users, alcoholics, and obese now...but if you get cancer or get hit by a bus then they will be paying for you. See how that works?

The ACA also has requirements on the portion of premiums insurance companies are required to spend on care, which limits the predatory profit approach you describe by insurance companies (

Comment Re:Queue debate/trolling (Score 1) 85

The kind of person the world needs in that position is one who will absolutely swear he / she will turn the key and will convince the enemy that the key will be turned if it needs to be turned. But at the same time, when it actually came time to do it, that person, for the sake of the world, should decline to turn that key. The critical part of the job, then, is convincing everyone else that you will turn the key even if you won't actually do it.

Comment Re:Will Any Effort Be Made To Validate The Report? (Score 2) 399

Students can (and many do) report rape accusations to the police. But it's two separate processes - a criminal process (handled through the police), and a student conduct process (handled through the university). Universities need a way to determine whether or not the accused should be punished for violating the student code of conduct (just like they would, say, for plagiarism violations or academic cheating). Even if a crime wasn't committed, it still might be a violation of the student code of conduct. It is the university's right to sanction students who violate the code of conduct and they need some way to make a determination as to whether or not a sanction is warranted.

The police, on the other hand, are focused only on whether or not a crime was committed.

In some instances, victims don't want to go to police and prefer it be handled only through the student conduct process. In these instances the university cannot compel the student to go to the police due to FERPA rules. In other instances there is insufficient evidence for a criminal trial but there may be sufficient evidence for a student code of conduct violation.

It is complex and I can see why it looks bad. But there are very legitimate reasons why universities get involved in a separate but parallel process.

Comment Re:Quicker (Score 1) 488

Only 4% were "positive" while the other 9% were "somewhat positive." Being positive or somewhat positive toward a group doesn't mean they are going to be violent or represent any real threat. Have they done the same poll in other parts of the world? I bet in many parts of the world the rates of positive views toward ISIS are similar (probably even in the U.S.).

If you had lived in Syria, would you have had positive views toward Syria? How easily we condemn others.

Just because they are refugees doesn't make them bad people.

Comment Re:Car & House (Score 1) 386

Property is generally not a good investment. If you want to invest in property you can invest in mutual funds that buy up mortgages, real estate (mostly commercial), etc. But thinking of your own home as an investment is a mistake because it's a bad one (low returns and very high cost of ownership, taxes, insurance, etc.).

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