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Comment Re:Colleges are not for education (Score 1) 274

Persons with college degrees are less likely to be on welfare, are more active in their communities (through, for example, community service and voting), wear seat belts at higher rates, and are more likely to practice other healthy behaviors - all of which are benefits to society and reduce society's costs.

Comment Re:I'll tell you how- they're turning the internet (Score 5, Insightful) 194

Hulu + isn't free, and neither is cable or satellite television. I don't mind paying for content I want, but I don't want to pay and be forced to sit through tons of commercials. Providers, make your pick. If I'm paying, layoff the adverts. If it's free, then feel free to load it up with advertising, but I'm much more likely to turn it off or install an ad-blocker.

Comment Re:Three puzzles (Score 1) 208

Do you really want someone to answer, or are these all rhetorical?
Here's my take on this issue: Just because something is prone to be misused and misinterpreted doesn't mean it should be banned. In fact, some of the replacement approaches use the very same logic just with a different mathematical calculation process. However, it does illustrate the need for researchers to clearly communicate their results in ways that are less likely to be misused or misinterpreted. This wouldn't exclude the use of p-values but they are only one of many possible tools for researchers to use.

Comment Re:Hurrah for sex-segregation! (Score 1) 599

Some research has suggested benefits for same-sex segregated education, particularly for girls. http://files.eric.ed.gov/fullt... The separate but equal issue is a problematic, but there may be ways to reproduce the benefits of same-sex education without the full separation (such as dividing a class into two groups, or having a co-educational school with single-sex classes). Sex segregated schools can also be problematic for the transgendered, but at younger ages I don't think it would be as big of a deal for most individuals.

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