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+ - SPAM: Is There A Future For Mature Games On Wii?

Submitted by digitalfever
digitalfever (1208022) writes "Logically, the audience for a wide range of games and interactive experiences should be rather big, but based on the evidence so far, either that's not true — or publishers have been hedging the wrong bets. No one has conclusively proved the case for (or against) the viability of mature games on Wii, but 2009 was a litmus test on a number of fronts, including the DS. The results aren't encouraging."
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+ - Symantec: Vista UAC Prompts Cannot be Trusted

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ambr00sio writes "Symantec researcher Ollie Whitehouse has is warning that the UAC prompts in Windows Vista cannot be trusted to provide the end user with reliable warnings. In one potential attack scenario, Whitehouse showed how UAC privilege elevation prompts can look like it's coming from Microsoft Windows — when in fact the user is being asked to authorize admin rights for malicious code. Also see Slashdot's previous coverage of UAC design and implementation flaws."

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