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Comment: 100 trillion trillion times what? (Score 1) 269

by freshmeathead (#46517111) Attached to: Big Bang's Smoking Gun Found
"Computer models indicate that the universe expanded by 100 trillion trillion times in .0000000000000000000000000000000001 (10 to the minus-34) seconds after the Big Bang explosion 13.8 billion years ago." So, I assume the universe started out as a singularity (another blackhole from another universe, popping like a big pimple to create our universe?) But, really, my question is what is the measurement of a singularity? It has to be 100 trillion trillion times something. I assume that since a planck volume (V=4/3 pi planck length^3) is the smallest volume you can have, then it would be 100 trillion trillion times that? and why does this editor strip out special characters like pi, etc?

Comment: Natural Selection (Score 1) 462

by freshmeathead (#45641625) Attached to: U.S. Measles Cases Triple In 2013
I don't want to be insensitive to the children, that have little choice on whether they are vaccinated or not, or more responsible relatives that would have vaccinated these children if they could have, but isn't this just natural selection at work in our modern society? How is this any different than parents that smoke around their kids or don't put them in the proper restraints when in a car? The parents, who either because of their intrinsic intelligence or because of the beliefs of their social groups, etc, choose to not protect themselves and their offspring from danger. Because of this, they can be removed from the gene pool, and this alters the future generations, hopefully for the better.

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