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Comment: Re:Higher, at first ... (Score 1) 142

by freedumb2000 (#49476619) Attached to: How do your actual ISP speeds compare to the advertised speed?
Make sure you use a speed test site that doesn't employ multiple connections. When my DSL gets slow during peak times, it first starts limiting bandwidth per connection and only later will limit bandwidth no matter how many threads I use. This one should do the job: http://testmy.net/

Comment: Re: Linux sales figures (Score 1) 132

Certain Steam games have followed me from Windows, to OS X and now Linux. This is a significant extra value and very convenient and I really hope that Valve manages to get a significant portion of the gamer crowd to switch. For me it's simple, if the game does not run in linux, I won't play it. Wine and emulators like DosBox are thankfully available to play some #oldwarez and the occasional game of SCII.

Comment: Re:Google Drive (Score 1) 265

by freedumb2000 (#39707967) Attached to: Google Drive Launching Next Week With 5GB Free Space
Whatever the reason for the 50Mb limit, especially pirates know how to use split RARs. With that kind of limit, you can't share high res PSDs, 3D renderings or anything else where a 25Gb online storage space actually makes sense. And actually, it sounds perfect for sharing music, even FLAC are less than 50Mb per track.

Comment: Re:obviously (Score 2) 429

by freedumb2000 (#39328235) Attached to: Have Online Comment Sections Become Specious?
There is a german IT news site called heise.de which appeals to a similar mindset as /. Over there every can moderate and the "wrongthought" moderation is even worse to the point if that I do not pay attention to moderation any more nor do I actively moderate. This is just an example, but I am skeptical of opening up moderation to everyone. As an anecdote, for a while I was up-moderating posts which were punished for going against the /. groupthink. Suddenly I stopped getting any mod points for months, after having received them on a continuous basis. Gradually I am getting mod points again now. Maybe it was coincidental, but it is possibly part of the moderation system. If that is the case, that is where I would start making adjustments.

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