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Comment GigaPower, 300 to 1000+ Mbps, to be throttled? (Score 1) 181

In Cupertino, near Apple - suddenly AT&T is rolling GigaPower fiber to home with up to 1 Gbps speeds.

So have had 12 Mbps Uverse, until recently was not uncommon to see download speeds 12 Mbps. Curious if the GigaPower rollout was sandbagged until FCC regulation that now forces ISP to actually complete on service.

Hopefully by end of the week we'll have upgraded to GigaPower, will be curious to see if the actual higher down/up rates stay true.

Comment Off Grid Becomes Cheaper (Score 1) 317

Could you say Net Metering a few more times in the article? ... 5 times in synopsis, 10 times in original article.

In many ways utilities may prefer solar customers with on site storage, as it could eliminate need for two way power converters back to power lines while continuing to flatten daily demand curve.

I have battery backups for various critical systems, but going with massive battery at the power connect to the house is value add even if the solar/storage formula is still scaling up, more reliable power. Since batteries stack, this could also be a boon to off grid development in general.

The real threat to the utilities are the industrial batteries. Huge chunks of load from commercial customers could simple go completely off grid, which may have the ironic effect of making residential grid power more expensive, putting even more pressure on home owners to drop off the grid as well.

Submission + - OpenID Connect launched today. (

fredness writes: With support from Google, Microsoft, Ping Identity, ForgeRock, Nomura Research Institute, and PayPal OpenID Connect launched today.

OpenID Connect performs many of the same tasks as OpenID 2.0, but does so in a way that is API-friendly, and usable by native and mobile applications. OpenID Connect defines optional mechanisms for robust signing and encryption. Whereas integration of OAuth 1.0a and OpenID 2.0 required an extension, in OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 capabilities are integrated with the protocol itself.

Comment Makes sense, though China civil war sooner (Score 1) 322

There is tremendous pent up frustration with the increasing corrupt and irrelevant government in China. Cracking high tariffs on goods from China likely will put 1000 times more pressure than all of the finger wagging and human rights pep talks the west has made in that last few decades, increasing unrest and civil collapse in China. However the west really likes to look the other way to get low wage / low cost / pro-business manufacturing, so likely tariffs will be lobbied against by US's own global business titans.

Perhaps an NGO / consumer information institution to lead a product labeling campaign so at least consumers of the world can see 'virtual carbon' production cost on product packaging. Then consumers and businesses can more directly make choices about how carbon neutral their supply chain is. Currently there is very little information available on this when purchasing decisions are made in the west.

Comment Revenue Share Model, more business palatable (Score 1) 342

I think the tech time for this has come. But I think a revenue share model is better business approach. If I was business development manager at Aereo, I would find ways to work with terrestrial broadcasters to develop expanded distribution of their broadcasts, but monetize using percentage of advertisement revenue.

This means the original broadcast still control the selling of advertisements, but Aereo would report back to the original broadcasters viewing data and the original broadcasters would be able to sell larger audience to advertisers, and give Aereo a cut of the revenue for eyeballs that viewed original broadcaster feed via extended Aereo coverage.

There's lots of programming I'd like to watch outside of my terrestrial region that would be easy for Aereo to augment coverage, but not blockbuster enough for cable network to pick up in their one size fit all bundles.

Comment Apple replaced my iOS 5c for free / very latest OS (Score 1) 205

Not an Apple fan boy, but jeez was this easy. My 5c speakerphone microphone stopped working. 2 minutes at fancy Apple store on University Avenue in Palo Alto - here sir is a brand new replacement, please make sure you have a backup. Are you ready now (i.e. am I using iCloud ) or would you like to come back (non-cloud backup/ my preference)? Yes the iPhone is ridiculously over priced, and data plans are too expensive ... but the customer experience was very slick and I have to say I value that.

I almost feel like Apple should do a Mozilla OS phone, leverage all that FOSS/UNIX goodness but give user that platinum mechanical/industrial design, customer support, fancy ego stroking stores, high quality OS upgrade for years (on 4 generations of phones), ...

But its the UI design where FOSS gets stuck - Apple will never embrace anyone else's UI. If there were a way to have a mobile OS that could have proprietary UI maybe, but now we're getting into almost enterprise software nuanced value propositions that Microsoft / RedHat / IBM / Oracle / Google are still struggling with - and why Linux on the Desktop will always be a fad ... the best UI/Desktop for Linux will always be a web browser on another computer, go $%^# yourself X11/and other variants, um SteamOS, good luck!

Comment human packet carrrier (Score 1) 86

The silicon valley commute on 101 is no fun anymore, robot car take it from here please.

I dream of getting in the backseat of my car, punching in work parking lot, then reading/napping/web surfing as my robot car takes special robot only right of way routes, traffic lights, and such until I'm at work. The same heading home afterward.

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