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Comment Re:What is IoT? (Score 1) 148

Lastly, 99% of all home invasions are done by drugged out violent criminals, not highly educated and skilled hackers.

Most malicious hackers are not highly educated or skilled. They're script kiddies running tools made by someone else.

Comment Re:what a bunch of b.s. (Score 1) 148

Such as whether or not she's home at a given time, or whether or not she has company, for two obvious examples. But examples aren't needed. Even if the data really is meaningless and harmless (which it is not), it is still a fact that it's nobody's damned business.

Comment Re:Why "IoT" security is so critical (Score 1) 148

There are plenty of reasons, such as monitoring the temperature in your refrigerator to make sure things haven't gotten too warm, keeping track of inventory and expiration dates, starting dinner a few hours before getting home, monitoring the health and maintenance status of appliances.

None of which require an internet connection.

Comment Re:Why "IoT" security is so critical (Score 1) 148

Well, there's no need for a toaster to be able to do internet, but look at other things that actually can benefit from it - like ventilation systems and you have a completely different case. Thermostats that can detect not only presence of people but also power consumption in a room and predict the ventilation level needed.

How are those cases different? I'm not seeing how the internet has to be involved for any of them.

Comment Re:Not Excessive Tracking (Score 1) 227

What content do you want, and how do you want to pay for it? Cash, have your eyeballs assaulted with untargeted ads, or have a few, relevant targeted ads? Or no content. Those are your choices. Choose well.

I don't think those are the only choices, but I'll pretend: out of that set, my choice would be cash. If I can't have that, then untargeted ads.

I consider targeted ads to be not just annoying. They're actively evil and the worst choice of the three.

Comment I accept my employer's right (Score 3, Insightful) 223

My employer owns my work machine and supplies the network it's connected to. I accept that the employer's right to monitor his own equipment and network.

However, that's a FAR cry from accepting internet surveillance. In fact, I never attach any of my personal devices to my employer's network precisely because I do not accept the surveillance of my own equipment.

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