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Comment Re: I agree (Score 1) 121

Android apps are really Java apps with lots of gui customizations. It's all the gui and OS specific calls that make translation difficult.

Not all Android apps are Java apps. Many are written in a compiled language (usually C++), although they are a minority because they are not platform agnostic, so tend to be ones that require high performance or determinacy.

Comment Re:The final struggles of a dying business (Score 1) 418

Technically, money that is given to Mozilla Foundation does not go into development at all. That's the arm of Mozilla that engages in public awareness, lobbying, etc.

I agree with you, though. My interpretation of what Mozilla is saying here is that they agree with you as well. They are not dropping Thunderbird unceremoniously, they are looking for a good group to hand the reigns over to. Even if that doesn't happen, though, Thunderbird is being maintained by an outside group in the form of FossaMail (there are other TBird forks that are under active development too -- some commercial, some not -- but FossaMail seems to get the most positive comments).

Comment Re:Forgetting Firefox (Score 1) 418

Mozilla, you already won the browser wars. There's a lot of other work to do.

They did win the browser wars, only to have turned that victory into a defeat. Firefox is now the fourth most popular browser, with 11% of the "browser market" (and its popularity continues to slide). It's less popular than Safari.

Comment Re:Thunderbird needs to shift (Score 1) 418

Thunderbird needs to bite the bullet and be come a full PIM... yes like Outlook.

Oh, please, no! I can't think of many ways to ruin Thunderbird more quickly than doing that.

When do you ever JUST need e-mail. Just being an e-mail client is too limiting. E-mail, calendaring, tasks, contacts are so closely connecting nowadays.

It depends on your needs. When I need to use email, I do not need all that other stuff at all -- and there's a huge number of people with exactly the same use case as me. Your use case is different. Both are valid, but it would be a shame if one of the handful of good mailreaders left in the world was destroyed by turning it into a full-featured PIM.

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