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Comment: Re:Export Violence (Score 1) 343 343

Actually I'm not a single issue voter, if I could trade my guns for universal health care I'd do it in a heartbeat. I'm probably voting for Bernie and I don't even know what his stance on guns is because it's not THAT important.

The government has failed to restrict guns, that doesn't mean they don't want to, it just means that the 2nd Amendment is too clear to be overturned as easily as they would like.

The government wants to keep easily made guns out of our hands because they want to know who ha the guns. That's what a lot of proposed legislation is about, forcing us to tell the government exactly who has what.

Comment: Re:Export Violence (Score 1) 343 343

Wrong. The JUSTIFICATION is the "exporting", they don't actually give any shits if Abdul in Pakistan makes a Liberator, the goal is to prevent US citizens from 3d printing guns, but the only currently legal way to achieve that goal is the export argument.

Comment: Re:Hillary Clinton says: (Score 4, Insightful) 266 266

I was replying to your last sentence. In the modern world the answer is no, people DON'T want accused rapists to have competent council, because being accused of rape these days means you are guilty as far as the public is concerned. See: The Duke Lacrosse debacle.

Comment: Re:SSDs (Score 1) 162 162

Varies from application to application. That does end up being the limiting factor. I've been telling people for a couple years to not worry about getting the fastest SSD, and not the RAID their SSDs, once you've made the jump to solid state there's almost no headroom left for improvement and no reason to lay out the kind of money required.

Comment: Re:Maybe it's time these companies learn... (Score 1) 124 124

The problem is that, no matter what, you'll have unhappy customers. Companies like McDonalds have so many customers that the number of unhappy ones, even if it's a fraction of a percent, are enough to turn something like this into a fiasco.

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