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Comment: Re:informal poll (Score 1) 641

by fredboboss (#46663725) Attached to: Linus Torvalds Suspends Key Linux Developer
I'll bite the troll as well : I've been happily running linux as my main OS at home since 1996. The last time I dual booted with win2k was in, well, 2000. Ever since then I've been solely using Debian, and it's been filling all my needs : web, programming, word processing, scientific computing, and so on (though I reckon I don't play games). Why would I trade reliability for something else ?

Comment: one question (Score 1) 139

by fredboboss (#45456583) Attached to: Interview: Ask Limor Fried About Open-Source Hardware and Adafruit
Hello Limor, I like what you made as ladyada and now at adafruit. what was the trigger so that you made of your hobby a business and a job from which you could make a living ? 2 questions in fact : what difficulties did you have to overcome when you started your bussiness ? Cheers, Fred

Comment: Re:Actually a good feature (Score 1) 130

by fredboboss (#34449312) Attached to: Wikipedia Pages Now On Amazon — With Product Links

I agree with you on that. Plus it should be a feature Wikipedia benefits from. They should receive a fee for any redirect or any book sold that way. But to be fair Wikipedia should offer an API to any booksellers to do this. A feature that would help customers choosing their bookseller.

1) a person browses Wikipedia (the portal of knowledge)
2) she finds an interesting book referred from Wikipedia
3) chooses her bookseller to buy the book (the deposit of knowledge)
4) ???
5) profit ! ;-)

Comment: Re:yes, but... (Score 2, Interesting) 210

by fredboboss (#32623170) Attached to: Google Introduces Command-Line Tool For Linux
I don't get your point, you should develop a little further.

The Python installer for windows is rather painless, launch setup.exe and it's done.

Plus though the cmd.exe console is rather minimalistic a few Python scripts would offer you a minimum of the command line expressiveness.

At my workplace we are stuck by microsoft lock-in, I bless the possibility I've had to develop a bunch of Python scripts over the years for to ease the burden of having to work in a windows environment.

Microsoft To Add Yet Another Smartphone OS This Year 179

Posted by timothy
from the 5th-time's-the-charm dept.
GMGruman writes "Someone at Microsoft either really loves mobile operating systems or can't make up his mind as to which to use, because Microsoft Thursday announced yet another mobile OS, its fifth. The new Windows Embedded Handheld OS will succeed Windows Mobile 6.5 and run on at least some existing Windows Mobile smartphones. It is not the same mobile OS, known as Windows Phone 7, that Microsoft earlier this year said would replace Windows Mobile and break with it in terms of compatibility so Microsoft could better compete with the iPhone and Google Android OS."

Comment: Re:Can I Sue? (Score 1) 980

by ShadowRangerRIT (#31835970) Attached to: Will Adobe Sue Apple Over Flash?
I use Facebook frequently, both in FF 3.5 (work) and FF 3.6 (home). In both cases I'm running on a Vista x64 box with AdBlock, Flashblock, NoScript, ChatZilla and Greasemonkey, with Acrobat, Flash, Silverlight and Java plugins. Firefox hasn't crashed on me in months, if not years, even when running for weeks at a time, with dozens of tabs open (admittedly, I usually trigger a save session and restart every week or two to reduce memory fragmentation, but it won't crash if I don't, it just has the short freezes every few hours). Worst I've had is some short term freezes in FF when my machine is at 90+% memory usage and some complex AJAX is operating. Perhaps you need to prune your extensions, update your plugins or some combination of the two?

Comment: Re:Got to side with Apple on this one... (Score 1) 980

by michael_cain (#31835082) Attached to: Will Adobe Sue Apple Over Flash?

The only legs Adobe may have to stand on is if they were lead to believe that their platform was to be accepted (written contract or verbal) and then at the 11th hour to be shafted? Well then maybe they have a case.

And a fairly limited case, at that. Development tools for the iPhone OS probably don't generate large profits. The costs to add iPhone capabilities to the Flash IDE were probably rather modest. Loss of good will from developers who get caught in the middle of this is hard to quantify. So even if Adobe prevails, the court is likely to decide that the damages done to Adobe are quite modest. And while IANAL, it seems unlikely to me that the court would do more than require Apple to reimburse Adobe; I certainly don't see the court forcing Apple to retract this restriction on developers.

Comment: Re:Did I miss something? (Score 1) 295

by religious freak (#31589352) Attached to: Google's New Approach For China Is To Serve From Hong Kong
And to add to the confusion, when speaking to a Chinese person, referring to Taiwan as distinct from China will make the Chinese angry! That's why I was careful to make the two sound the same when speaking to the first Taiwanese person I met - but that only served to annoy them. Oh well!

Comment: Re:Microsoft (Score 1) 454

by dingen (#31549294) Attached to: Internet Explorer 9 Will Not Support Windows XP

No. What part of "XP does not support hardware acceleration on it's desktop" do people not understand?

So you don't offer hardware acceleration on XP. Or you implement your hardware acceleration differently. Everybody is still releasing brand new software for XP, with hardware acceleration and everything, so why can't Microsoft?

It's especially weird since Microsoft designed both XP and IE9, so surely they could have figured out a way to make them compatible. But they didn't. Not because they aren't able to, but because they don't want to. It's as simple as that.

Now they hide behind an excuse that IE9 isn't compatible with something in XP, but that's only true because they made it that way themselves.

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