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Comment Re:In all fairness (Score 1) 203 all fairness, getting off the mainframe is very VERY difficult...

Yeah, man, I had a friend once who was mainframing really, really heavy. He tried to go cold turkey, you know? He had such withdrawal symptoms, he almost died. Still couldn't kick. So he was back mainframin' the worst stuff you could find - CICS, JCL, RPG for God's sake!! Finally his friends did an intervention, got him into a substitution program, and rehab. He's doing UNIX maintenance now. It cost a lot and he says he doesn't get the same high as when he was "ridin' the 'frame" but the crash isn't as hard either. Goes to 12-step meetings and everything.

Comment Prudence and judgment... (Score 2) 133

It would not seem prudent that one should be significantly altering neurochemistry during periods of high levels of neuroplasticity. On the other hand, we've been altering our own neurochemistry for entertainment purposes forever. As such, I'm sort of meh on the whole thing. We all do chemicals each day - even if it's only by ingesting food, water, and air.

I doubt good (and, yes, there are a lot of good ones out there, if you actually look) doctors are handing out SSRI's like candy to kids. When they do, it's usually at the urging of a mental health counsellor and with prodding from parents. As such, it's not prescribed that much (in this age range). It's not like it's Methylphenidate (whose overprescription, in my opinion, is a much bigger issue).

Comment Re:Exactly when is "everyone" going to code? (Score 1) 255

Because programming is far simpler than even basic algebra.

OK. I guess in your world, it is. Please tell us where this amazing world exists. In my world, programming is a slog. And there's enough trivia to know that anyone who could learn it all would do much better memorizing world capitals and becoming the next Ken Jennings on Jepoardy! But that's my world.

In case you didn't notice, this post contains sarcasm.

Comment Re:"When everyone can code . . . " (Score 1) 255

Good luck at taking the "accidental" out of languages, let alone quirks out of frameworks. A marvelous goal, but the trick is in actually doing it. Make sure to have any fixes backwards compatible (or have a way to automatically upgrade existing code), too, because all of those amateur programmers still don't want you to fuck over their code when you fix what you think is an accident or a quirk.

Comment Re:I don't give a damn but.. (Score 1) 414

Why should Britain worry about this? The US has all the nukes it needs to deter and/or punish the other countries having them and last I checked, both the US and UK were in this little organization called NATO. Do you really think the US wouldn't retaliate if Russia or China (or especially Pakistan) nuked Europe? Or do you want first strike capability "just in case" if in 500 years NATO falls apart? I'd think we'd have anti-matter bombs by then.

Comment Re:Music/DAW software (Score 1) 889

You ever try to use them? Compared with even prosumer-grade DAWs (like Reaper, Sonar, Cubase, ProTools, etc.), the functionality and built-ins just aren't there. Hell, just getting normal audio hardware up and running on Linux is usually a nightmare, let alone dealing with things that don't exist on Linux at all (like a driver for my MOTU 24i/o audio interface unit). And try finding any sort of expandable audio interface that has a Linux driver... you won't. Hell, some vendors don't even have Windows drivers (Apogee, I'm looking at you).

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 50

Actually, for some people, the winter season around the mountains and minor cultural things like Sundance would be all they need. Besides, U of U has a pretty good med school as far as research goes - I'd tend to think they'd know them some pathogens.

If you relocated about 90% of the indigenous religious folk, SLC might be a decent place to live.

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