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Comment: Re:Best Photos (Score 3, Interesting) 582

by forgetmenot (#28455017) Attached to: Hitler's Stealth Fighter

Beautiful photos... I was surprised by the swastika banners in the background of the last one though.

I'm not offended. I've got absolutely nothing against swatikas per se, whether in the context of the nazis, general history, or otherwise and I loathe the kind of censorship that bans their display.

Still, I'm not the general public and given the sensitivity of segments of the general public to this symbol I think it's intriguing that someone would go through the trouble of a) creating the banners, b) getting on a ladder and hanging them in a hanger bay, and c) taking a "romanticised" photo of the whole thing. From the perspective of documenting a piece of technology it was unnecessary though it does add to the artistic aesthetic of the photo.

Is it a brave decision? An insensitive one? Maybe the swastika simply doesn't hold the kind of meaning it did 60 years ago? I just find it somewhat peculiar.

Comment: Is this really surprising? (Score 3, Interesting) 921

by forgetmenot (#27244793) Attached to: Study Finds the Pious Fight Death Hardest

Probably get modded down for this.. for "religion" has always struck me as a haven for the fearful, those who lack self-esteem, or narcissistic personalities looking for external justification for their insane behaviour.

When such an individual is confronted with the prospect of death.. all that doubt, self-loathing and regret must really be a lot to suddenly bear when they "know" they're about to face the final judge.

Comment: Re:If you want to stay off telemarketer phone list (Score 1) 247

by forgetmenot (#20699979) Attached to: Do Not Call Listings to Expire in 2008
You say use an unpublished number to stay off a telemarketers list but then give examples of telemarketers calling your unpublished number and on more than one occasion at that. So what's the difference?

There is nothing magic about an unpublished number. It's simply a number that the phone company has agreed not to reveal details about. But not all telemarketers get their phone numbers from 'published' sources such as phone company records as your own examples clearly indicate. An unpublished number has just as much chance of being picked by a "random dialer" as any other with the exception of those numbers on the Do Not Call list which must be filtered out. So how is asking each individual telemarketer to remove you from their list better than them not being allowed to call in the first place?

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