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+ - Hosting Customers Say No To Shared Servers-> 1

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narramissic writes: "A survey of 3000 customers of hosting company Rackspace found that 87% were unwilling to share a server with other customers, with a majority of those surveyed saying that virtualization is not ready for mission-critical apps. Customers cited security and performance as top concerns. And Rackspace's platform products director Nicholas Keller agrees. From the ITworld article:

'We believe we have the right technology, people and processes to mitigate the security risk,' he said. 'But on performance, we agree with our customers — the technology is still maturing.'

In particular, he claimed that today's hypervisors don't have the technology to traffic-shape their network usage, so having several VMs contending for the same heavily-used network connection can be a problem.

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Journal: What Is the National Guard Doing at the Border?

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Last May, President Bush asked the National Guard to support the Border Patrol. The National Guard is running the communications equipment and cameras so that the Border Control can concentrate on stopping illegal aliens.
On Jan. 3rd, four members of the Arizona National Guard saw four illegal aliens at the border, moved to a safe location, and called the Border Patrol. When the Border Patrol arrived with helicopters blazing, the illegal aliens ran back across the border.
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AMD rolls out low-end Vista-friendly GPUs

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You may have missed, but AMD has quietly rolled out the ATI Radeon X1050 , an entry-level graphics chip intended for board makers to offer as a minimum-specification Windows Vista Aero Glass-friendly upgrade. "The X1050 contains 16 pixel shaders in four pipelines and fed by a pair of vertex shaders. It's a PCI Express part, but the connection of a bridge chip makes AGP boards a possibility too. Three
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+ - Xbox 360 Tilt Controller - Wii60?

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An anonymous reader writes: This is a link to a mod for an Xbox 360 controller. This mod uses the tilt of the Xbox 360 controller for the left analog stick input. It is based on the same technology as the Nintendo Wii. Site contains video, pictures of construction and some technical details.

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