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Comment: conditional consent and one night stands (Score 1) 243

by fonske (#48439729) Attached to: Swedish Court Refuses To Revoke Julian Assange's Arrest Warrant
Courts trying to rule in this matter is as pathetic as participating in a one night stand.
One night stands are all about high risk behaviour.
I always make clear I want at least three weeks of relation and want to get to know family.
Yeah, I once got thrown out after exactly three weeks of pussy eatin'...because my penis was not big enough for her.
Go on talking about conditional consent anyway.

Comment: Re:Bah humbug censorship (Score 2) 307

by fonske (#47847859) Attached to: Responding to Celeb Photo Leaks, Reddit Scotches "Fappening" Subreddit
I've got three girls. I don't have a life anymore if I can't live with the fact that girls are human beings with sexuality being a part of it.
Instilling shame is not helping my wife and me in trying to give them other goals in life because shame is the one thing that heightens sexual connotation.

Comment: Re:Economic risk (Score 1) 143

by fonske (#47719911) Attached to: How Argonne National Lab Will Make Electric Cars Cheaper
Please note that the half reaction mentioned is Ca+. Mendelyev table will make mention of only one oxidation state namely Ca++.
This means the half reaction is very exotic and Ca+ is not stable at all.
The late Prof. Van Vaeck told me he observed Ca+ (at m/z 20) in dynamic SIMS but since transmission times of secondary ions to the detector are in the order of nanoseconds this might well be possible.
E0 of Ca2+ + 2e- = Ca is -2.869 V (compared to standard hydrogen cell).
Pretty decent still but... earth alkali salts are not as solluble as alkali (Li, Na, K...) salts.
There are however batteries with Ca salts.
I also want to mention that electronegativity is used in basic chemistry to make a difference between ionic bonding or covalent bonds and this has nothing to do with the (arbitrary relative scale (compared to standard hydrogen cell)) half reaction table.
Areyoukiddingme knows what he is talking about and mentioned the essence.

Comment: african art influence on cubism and surrealism (Score 1) 74

It is well documented that the african art in beginning of 1900's started to be taken seriously through expositions. Picasso never made a secret of this influence.
Makonde wood carvings such as the ones with shetani on long legs, influenced Dali to paint those elephants on long legs.
On a funny note you should check out Martin Schwarz (for reference: Giger liked him a lot) work: he painted the mona lisa without the mona lisa - he found the background to be more inspiring.
Art is never a coincidence - this is the definition of art for me.
People forget the painstaking search of Pollock for the exact consistence of his paint.
Engineering projects are the biggest outbursts of art - when they get to show results, even if it are turds like from Wim Delvoye's "Cloaca".

Comment: example monoculture and sexual reproduction (Score 1) 259

by fonske (#46522891) Attached to: Overuse of Bioengineered Corn Gives Rise To Resistant Pests
Phytophthora infestans A1 type created famine in 1845 in Ireland and Flanders.
Blight was largely under control in 20th century until the Oömycete got the chance to sexually reproduce with the A2 type imported from latin America to Europe around the 1980's.
Potatoes are largely from the "bintje" variety because consumer wants so. And potatoes are "cloned" by planting tubers from previous harvest.

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