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Comment War is function of fiat money since Nixon (Score 2) 241

All military actions after Vietnam were undertaken in function of oil or Lithium (paid by reserve currency (= Dollar)). eg Lithium mines in Afghanistan were contracted to the nation that buys increasingly bonds of USofA treasury - China (bonds are the assurance that the printed money is "approved" (translation of latin "fiat")).

Comment Re:Gemalto also delivers eID... (Score 1) 192

...and SIS (Belgium) card encryption that allow access to medical information.

First day of using my Jolla, my provider installed a "convenient" app for me, without letting me know, to do moneytransactions with my smartphone (called "proximenu") along with some other interesting wife now understands why I never use it and why I was so angry that apps are installed when I didn't ask for them.

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