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Comment Re: I really don't care... (Score 1) 212

In the wild, a horse with a broken leg was a dead horse. It would have simply been eaten by predators. An evolutionary "decision" was made to cut the losses of horses that break a leg, in favour of the survival of the heard. Humans, however, did not suffer detriment to the herd if a member broke a limb so have evolved to repair and fight another day instead.

Comment Re:If it works (Score 1) 164

For the purposes of avian depopulation, the dyson doesn't have blades. The air current pushed out by them generates a breeze through the hoop. I expect the efficiency of this is pretty poor, and that attempting the reverse wouldn't generate enough power to make it worthwhile.

Comment Re:WT everlovin F ? (Score 1) 776

I think the GP, while painting in a broad and cryptic strokes, is stating that Eva was chosen so as to overtly appeal to women, and not because they were interested in their actors accurately portraying the reaction to being in slavery. They want the public to think "Women won't be treated as objects in this movie (as happens in real world parallels) so come on down and enjoy the movie filled with strong willed women who don't need no man". Had they instead gone with an actual psychologist they probably would have ended up with a more realistic movie where the women would have been completely physically overwhelmed by the patriarchy and subjected to numerous atrocities (as in Somalia today) and would have had zero say in the plot of the movie. It would have ended up just another macho action movie that women everywhere would have been up in arms about.

Eva was not picked to give a realistic response to the situations the women in the movie find themselves in, instead she's there to ensure that women will find the movie enjoyable, which isn't a bad thing!

Comment Re:WT everlovin F ? (Score 1) 776

Expert? So she has some form of psychology degree?

What the GP was saying is that this person is not impartial, potentially has an agenda, and has pulling power that an actual psychologist probably wouldn't have. If instead DR Mann Von Mannerson had been consulted on the portrayal of sex slaves instead, what would the outcome have been? Given how we have actual and real accounts of what happens to women in this situation (It occurs in Somalia currently) why did they need the help of a feminist writer?

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