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Comment Re:Okay, seriously.... (Score 4, Insightful) 70

Really, does this surprise anybody?

Headline should read, "Most People Too Stupid To Wipe Electronic Devices Before Selling Them", and it should be from the Really really shocking news dept"

in those people's defense, it is difficult to completely wipe mobile devices. using the device's own wipe/format tools does not guarantee the device does not have residual data. it's easier to wipe a hard disk on a PC (using DBAN or similar), but mobile devices are not as easy to format and clean.

Comment Re:Just a question (Score 1) 389

Yes, I agree that we should recognize the history of people being dicks. However, all that some groups want to remember today is white people being dicks, and black people solely being the victims.

the quickest way i can explain what you're missing is in a comic:

the longer explanation? the U.S. owes a lot of its current position as the leading economy on the backs of black slaves. yes, there were white indentured servants, too. the vast majority of enslaved people were black folks. and we're talking about generations of black people made to work under a white majority.

explain to me what happens when you continually subjugate one people over centuries and many generations? to the point where that people have lost almost all of their economic, social, and political power? just "freeing" that people does not even begin to repair the damage. just saying "hey, you're free and equal now!" doesn't magically wave away centuries of destruction.

and in fact we know that the whole equality bit has not even come true. from Jim Crow to the striking down of significant bits of the Voting Rights Act, to the almost daily extrajudicial police executions of unarmed people of color, racism hasn't actually gone away. and white persons still benefit from it

here's the part where you protest that "hey but I'M not racist!" on a conscious level, sure. great. but you still benefit from that racism. i'm making the assumption that you're white simply because if you were black, you would know. your perception would be different. you would not be inherently afraid of police. you would not mistrust schools or "traditional" forms of career advancement. you would not have to exclude certain neighborhoods when considering a home for fear of being unwelcome. there's an entire world of which you're unaware.

so instead of complaining that you're not part of the problem, listen instead and come to realize it's not about you. it's about a society that has an addiction of breeding success by treading on an underclass.

Comment Re:Just a question (Score 2) 389

Wait a second there. I was born a few decades ago, so could not have been an asshole to anyone for centuries. Second, every group has been shit on by someone else over the course of the centuries you are crying about. The Mongols invaded Europe from Asia, many white people died. The Vikings invaded from north Europe to the rest of the continent, even sacking Rome, and many white people died. Europeans invaded Africa and the Americas, many dark skinned people died. Now the descendants of the Spanish invaders are complaining that they aren't being allowed to invade more areas they feel entitled to. In Africa, just a decade ago, one tribe killed a million people from a rival tribe.

So when you make it sound like only one group in all of history has ever been an asshole, and one or another group of people has always the victims, your argument falls flat. As the AC said, it's happened between groups for all of history, and everyone can find a centuries old grievance if they want.

it's almost like we should recognize a history of people being dicks to others and try to do better, not try to outdo dickery.

Comment Re: "There are no comments." (Score 3, Insightful) 389 we go with Obama and the PC folks, basically needing to re-write history again. No more old symbols, if it is something a white guy did, gotta take that down, etc.

Geez...why are we needing to tear down everything old or rename it in the name of political correctness or whatever. Let things be and build from there, eh?

every time i see someone whine about "political correctness", i notice what they're really asking for is continuing permission to be a jerk to others.

Denali was originally known by that name not only by native peoples in the area, but also locally by the state of Alaska.

so not only are you really asking, "hey, why can't i continue being disrespectful to native Alaskans?", you also hate states' rights. good work there.

Comment Re:Ironic (Score 4, Insightful) 215

look at my user name.

Trump went on air and intentionally mocked Asians by using a stereotyped pinyin/coolie accent. he went on air another time and labeled latino immigrants as criminals and worse things.

that is racist in my book. and if you don't see it, consider that you might actually be a racist, too. racism isn't just wearing white hoods and going around burning crosses. it's ALSO staying silent or even applauding utter garbage like that uttered by Trump.

the most disgusting part of it: Trump knows EXACTLY what he's doing. he's riling up the ultra-conservative base to build primary support. that is solid proof of what powers the modern GOP.

Comment Re:Exclusivity (Score 2, Insightful) 698

Governments and their enforcement branches do not want civilians to have the means of defending themselves from those same government enforcers. Their goal is to keep the public totally defenseless. A defenseless citizenry is easily controlled.

this makes literally no sense in today's age. modern militaries have leaps and bounds better weapons than anything civilians could possess. even worse, this operates on the premise that the only way to have civilization is through constant fear of one another. that's a terrible model of humanity, and no one should want a part of it.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 3, Insightful) 552

that's because Gamergate wasn't about ethics in game journalism, hilarious memes be damned. it was PRECISELY about white men continuing to be gatekeepers against gaming opening up to other people, including women. in sum, get your paranoid persecution complex out of here.

Submission + - Nichelle Nichols, Uhura from Star Trek, Hospitalized with Stroke (

fightinfilipino writes:

“Last night while at her home in L.A., Nichelle Nichols suffered from a mild stroke,” McGinnis wrote. “She is currently undergoing testing to determine how severe the stroke was. Please keep her in your thoughts.” Nichols, 82, appeared in the original “Star Trek” TV series, which ran from 1966-1969, as well as the “Star Trek” movies. She also played the role of Nana Dawson in the ABC show “Heroes,” and voiced characters in the TV series “Futurama,” “Gargoyles” and “Spider-Man.”

Comment Re:Used to work at an immigration firm (Score 1) 636

c) you're a lawyer, you're lying about what you are doing, and you should give me your name now so i can report you for an ethics violation under the model rules and your state's bar's ethics rules.

a) Violating the "model rules" is meaningless. Model laws and rules are an example and a suggestion, not actual laws or rules.

b) What motivation do you think this individual could possibly have to tell you his name when you say this is what you are going to do if he does?

except in the realm of law, where the Model Rules of Professional Conduct hold quite a bit of sway with the individual state bars in the U.S.

and the point was not to actually get whoever this is to "fess up." what speedlaw wrote is factually and legally wrong. incorrect. it's a rhetorical point.

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