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Comment: Re:Environmentalists is why we still pump carbon (Score 1) 652

by fightinfilipino (#48459085) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

Ironically, environmentalists and their 'spooky nuclear' protests is why we are still so reliant on fossil fuels and still pumping carbon into atmosphere. Nuclear technology, especially breeder reactors that produce minimal waste, is how you eliminate emissions. Wind and solar are unsuitable for base load due to variability, and require often non-renewable backups.

while i agree in part, anti-nuclear proponents have a point: nuclear energy is dangerous if not carefully managed and handled. Fukushima and Chernobyl are deadly enough reminders.

Comment: Re:Just tell me (Score 4, Interesting) 463

by fightinfilipino (#48150417) Attached to: Positive Ebola Test In Second Texas Health Worker

simple. because those persons can go to a third country and then travel from there. it creates an impetus for persons from West Africa to simply try to evade such controls. this would of course worsen the situation, not improve it.

the world as a whole needs to be sending more resources to West Africa to fight the epidemic *there*. that is the only thing that will help stop this from becoming an actual pandemic.

Comment: Re:What an idiot you are (Score 1) 409

The current theory is that Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol contracted Ebola in a scrub room from another staff member who had been infected but wasn't showing enough outward signs of infection. hopefully the persons involved in transport will be more carefully screened before the flight.

NOTHING is 100% safe. all people can do is reduce risk as much as possible. that being said, the risk of this patient now spreading ebola to the U.S. is incredibly low.

also, 3.5 stripes is right. there's seriously no need to call anyone "stupid". wth.

Comment: Re:this story is missing information (Score 1) 928

Not only are you stupid, you are also a coward.

If that was intimidation to you, unplug the internet, weld your doors shut and brick your windows.

If she isn't fired, SWA has serious problems.

and if your post is normal to you, i heavily suggest you look in a mirror and start wondering about the human race. the internet was not always this way. humankind can and should do better.

also, ad hominem attacks are debating fallacies for a reason. it means you have no point to back up. good work.

Comment: Re:this story is missing information (Score 0) 928

"bitch"? really? there's no need to call anyone that.

and perhaps that is the reason: the flight crew considered the tweet intimidation or threatening. 14 CFR 125.328 prohibits anyone from interfering with the crew: "No person may assault, threaten, intimidate, or interfere with a crewmember in the performance of the crewmember's duties aboard an aircraft being operated under this part."

the tweet identified someone by name. rather than taking it up with Southwest corporate or something more measured, the guy called out a specific person. that can be intimidating as hell. there are more reasonable ways to lodge a complaint, and that ain't one of them.

Comment: this story is missing information (Score 3, Insightful) 928

my guess is that things were not as one sided as this story leads to believe.

just because a passenger is a customer that should be treated with respect does NOT mean that the passenger doesn't have to follow crewmember instructions. if the passenger was being particularly difficult because he had his two snowflakes in tow and did not want to abide by Southwest's procedures, he should not be allowed on the plane.

given what's happened recently in aviation, one would think safety is important. safety shouldn't be shrugged off merely because a passenger whines when he doesn't get out of the ordinary preferential treatment.

Comment: Re:Can you hear me now? (Score 1) 76

Ernestine, is that you?

Maybe the perfect person to point out this absurdity to Congress would be that Technician in background.....Al Franken. Too bad he hasn't gone on to a position of any prominence.

a Senator who might actually do good for the general public for once and not solely for a limited cadre of corporations? no, there's no way someone like that won't make it far in DC!

Comment: Re:Such harassment (Score 1) 362

by fightinfilipino (#47478773) Attached to: Sexual Harassment Is Common In Scientific Fieldwork

He dismissed the comment because that was very much justified. You are a misguided moron that thinks crying wolf will do anything but cause people to ignore your crusade. Characterizing trifling slights will impress no one except your own cabal and only marginalize the entire issue.

It will be seen as the domain of completely irrational KOOKS such as yourself.

awesome. no counterargument, so you just resort to insults instead. you know why ad hominem is considered a debating fallacy, right?

i also noticed that my comment that started all of this got modded down as flamebait. huh. well, good luck figuring out why sexual harassment and gender inequities continue to happen in science. i'm gonna go watch some Neil DeGrasse Tyson some more, cause he seems to get it more than anyone here.

Comment: Re:Such harassment (Score -1, Flamebait) 362

by fightinfilipino (#47471831) Attached to: Sexual Harassment Is Common In Scientific Fieldwork

good. dismiss the comment with an insult rather than tackle the underlying issue. methinks you should return to Tumblr or Reddit or whereever it is you learned basic internet.

this is not new. comments about how a person looks, or comments about how men and women "think differently", are in fact sexual harassment. it's not just opinion, it's scientifically observed and recorded fact. such comments are used daily to continue the kind of harassment that goes on in scientific fields.

but ok, that's a "Tumblr" position so obviously you win. sorry, for a second i thought I was on Slashdot, where rational and well thought out argument was the baseline.

Comment: Re:Such harassment (Score 1, Offtopic) 362

by fightinfilipino (#47471667) Attached to: Sexual Harassment Is Common In Scientific Fieldwork

"jokes about physical beauty and cognitive sex differences"

It's so hard to take these reports seriously when they include the most trifling transgressions along with the truly egregious ones.


it's hard to take such posts seriously when they fail to recognize that "trifling transgressions" are actually terrible in their own right. comments about physical beauty and cognitive differences are part of the power play that IS sexual harassment. it is wrong and it has to stop.

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