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Comment Re:He is right (Score 1) 311

Well, it's not *just* patents. Motorola also had a special Java license. That might well be nice insurance against Oracle. (We don't really know, because the details of the license aren't public. Which, itself, is interesting.)

That really isn't interesting. Why would a company make their business dealings public? Especially if no everyone gets the same deal? If Motorola's license is transferrable (which many software licenses are not) then I would expect to see Oracle try to block the sale, or work to revoke Motorola's Java license (that is IF the license would legalize any "patent violations" that may exist in Android).

Comment Re:I don't think they are surrounded (Score 1) 311

Unfortunately, your options are: 1) continue licensing your OS from your competitor and hope they don't screw you over, 2) license your OS from someone who isn't competing against you or 3) build your own OS.

IMHO, the current Android vendors will see their costs increase because they will now have an Android competitor that keeps their OS up to date. Their choices will be to either increase their costs or go to a stock OS. If everyone uses stock Android, the. Why would anyone use a phone that isn't made by Google? I know that Motorola won't technically be "Google" but that is how it will be seen.

The same is true for GoogleTV. Who will build one if they have to compete with Google itself?

Comment Re:"arrogance"? (Score 1) 214

The company for which I work is developing their plan for allowing people to use employee owned tablets and smart phones. Some of the requirements are that the device be kept locked and that they grant the company the ability to remote wipe it. I don't have any problem wth this requirement because I would want the device wiped anyway. There are other security related requirements, but that is just the cost of being able to use your phone/tablet.

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