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Submission + - Dell: Apple iPad Will Fail In The Enterprise (techspot.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Dell has declared that the Apple iPad will not succeed in the enterprise. The device has been selling really well, and is even ahead of its competitors in the business world, but those are just the results for the short term. Andy Lark, Dell's global head of marketing for large enterprises and public organizations, believes that in the longer term, the iPad will fail.

Psystar Not Closing Up Shop 439

Despite several sources reporting that post-indefinite-injunction Psystar was closing their doors for good, the company's lawyer is claiming Psystar plans on going forward with PC sales — they just won't be pre-loaded with Apple's OS X. Psystar plans on selling systems pre-loaded with "other operating systems," including Windows, as well as selling their "Rebel EFI software" that allows consumers to load OS X on generic PCs.

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