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Comment Re:Just a thought... (Score 2) 273

Meh. TL;DR types might also find such gems:

"Research suggests that, indeed, gender bias pervades open source. The most obvious illustration is the underrepresentation of women in open source;" ... which is a fashionable non sequitur.

And as for the reverse-discrimination claim, they define a "gender-neutral" profile where they could not tell gender immediately from the github profile only. But that's not evidence that the person merging the patch could not know. They could have done the same sort of auxiliary social-networking/google search that the researchers themselves did to build up their userid->gender mapping tables. IOW, they're assuming the maintainer is more naive about searching for information than they themselves are.

Comment Re:Government should not pick winners and losers. (Score 2) 298

It took only twenty seconds of flipping through your misi-net reference to find a glaring flaw in the calculations. Namely, those "incentives" or what you call "subsidies" are on the whole not subsidies at all. There are tax credits, regulatory effects ("gains realized by energy businesses when they are exempt from federal requirements that raise costs or limit prices", etc.).

A lot of it is BS, and >>90% is stuff other than "subsidy", i.e., a payment to someone. Whoa, it even says so on page 9:

"F. Disbursements
This category involves direct financial subsidies such as grants. Since 1950, direct federal grants and subsidies have played a very small role in energy policy, accounting for â"$6 billion, a negligible fraction of total incentives."

See that word, negligible? In your own source? Grok it.

Comment Re:Government should not pick winners and losers. (Score 3, Insightful) 298

"They effectively have prohibited solar. If I understand what they've done correctly, they've set a ridiculously high grid-tie charge with a ridiculously-low kWh payout, such that it is impossible to even break-even. "

No one owes you a break-even on a harebrained scheme. You are free to power your own house with solar. No one will prohibit it or care. But your insistence on a break-even means you're wanting someone else to subsidize your hobby.

OTOH, a deal is a deal.

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