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Comment Re:yet another "right" (Score 1) 318

"children in the US under a certain age have a right to education, and it's certainly actionable in the sense that they can sue the government to provide it if necessary"

That's not a right. That is a government benefit program provided, quality-controlled (?), or even discontinued at its pleasure.

Comment Re:yet another "right" (Score 1) 318

"government is obligated to pay for a lawyer for you if you cannot afford one"

That is an interesting edge case, in that it represents a defence against the state already attacking the individual. Lest you find the TV scenes too compelling, almost certainly this government-provided-lawyer is available to only some people, and only for some cases. So no ... I'd call it more of a procedural benefit than a "right".

Can you imagine normal civil rights working that way? "Sir, sorry, you're too wealthy to exercise free speech right here.".

Comment yet another "right" (Score 1) 318

This sort of thing is a natural progression of labeling every little benefit or service or obligation or arrangement a "right". No.

A "right" is something that others' actions may not infringe - something that if they do, you can defend yourself and/or the state will defend you from. It is actionable.

Contrasted to that, a "right to water" or "right to health" or "right to happiness" or "right to have data edited/erased" is a putative obligation upon others to do something for you. That's not a "right".

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