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Comment Re:video transmission (Score 2) 198

It's the slashdot poster's erroneous paraphrasing that made this "problem" seem worse:

"ABI Research, [...] found that turning the Nest Cam "off" using the associated mobile application only turns off the LED power indicator light on the front of the device" ... which exaggerates what the report said. They didn't say the power-off ONLY turned the LED off.

Comment Re:5% (Score 1) 366

Not just that ... it's weird that the pilot flying didn't monitor carefully enough the rotation angle. Sure, if she rotates early (due to wrong v1/power), there may not be an immediate lift-off -- so dip the nose down and use a bit of the remaining runway. (By this time they're past V1 so are committed to flying instead of stopping.)

Comment Re: Fundamental right????? (Score 1) 188

"Canada [...] don't allow you to carry a concealed revolver around with you"

Some members of the political elite are given carry permits.

"there is no right to shoot muggers or burglars in "self defence""

Of course there is - you can defend your life against muggers (those committing robbery) with any means at your disposal.

"there are serious restrictions on rifles, it's only really hunters who have guns."

Maybe in France. In Canada, there are many target-shooters and collectors too.

Comment Re:The farther left you go, the more you lose (Score 1) 284

"supports government decisions to fight poverty and reduce the marginalization of disadvantaged groups. Measuring equality requires good, long-term and repeated data in order to determine if we are making progress. Without it, we simply donâ(TM)t know"

Equality (in this sort of sense) is not a legitimate governmental purpose.

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