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Comment news at 11 (Score 1) 416

"This provides clear evidence that the $agent is $working to follow the letter of the law, but not the spirit"

Seriously, is that anything but routine behaviour for apprx. everyone? If, as a legislator/regulator, you enact laws such that you'd be unsatisfied if followed to the letter, then you should not be drafting/enforcing said laws. It's a waste of time.

Comment same path (Score 1) 392

"One path leads to San Francisco, where you have an incredibly regulated and stagnant housing economy that can't keep up with demand. The other path is something different, the Seattle way."

Where the linked article points to Seattle's mayor pleading for more regulated housing economy ("25% affordable"), it doesn't seem that different.

The other aspect of focus on transportation seems sound.

Comment Re:Racism v. Bias v. Intelligence (Score 1) 445

Almost the entirety of the "lot of the story" was not racism (as in acts of morally objectionable judgement based on race stereotypes) in any form. Call it "culture" or "socioeconomic problems", not "racism". Don't borrow the moral outrage carefully nurtured around the latter term for different problems.

Comment Re:Racism v. Bias v. Intelligence (Score 1) 445

If "it's an unfortunate scientific reality that's suggested by the evidence", call it "science" or "reality".

If you don't know why exactly black children are disadvantaged getting into a gifted program, don't label your ignorance "institutional racism" either.

(I don't know if either "if" is true.)

Comment Re:Racism v. Bias v. Intelligence (Score 1) 445

"That's how institutional racism works, it's not that it's impossible for group X to do Y, it's that you need to be exceptional to do Y if you're also a member of group X."

You may wish to revise your definition of "institutional racism", consider X=white-man Y=giving-birth; or X=pygmy Y=play-professional-basketball.

Comment quoting the man (Score 3, Informative) 578

"I have not yet been rewarded for my work.
I think we need a completely different political system.
Nobody should depend on employers and landlords.
Nobody should be profitable for someone rich.
Nobody should have to pay rent, have to migrate.
Most of all, we must limit private property.
We must expropriate the rich.
Free land for all!"

"I never let my schooling get in the way of my education." -- Mark Twain