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Comment Re:Diversity gap is irrelevant (Score 1) 176

"No. You are totally confused."

Then please say again in small but concrete words, what you meant by "Individuals have different potential and interests, but over a population of millions it averages out.". What does it mean to "average out"? How is such average actionable?

Comment Re:Same thing that caused the crash in 2008 (Score 4, Insightful) 157

"Companies make money creating a product that no one checks to make sure it's not bogus"

In this case, carbon credits are mandated for a product that literally doesn't exist: CO2 supposedly not emitted. Of course it's going to be a joke.

Comment Re:Diversity gap is irrelevant (Score 1) 176

"Potential in CS."

So ... are you asserting that everyone has the same "potential in CS" -- with just the right amount of education it will come bubbling forth? Sorry, that is simply not credible. Go ahead and convince us otherwise.

"It's like arguing that there is no point teaching maths at school because some kids are not good at it. It makes no sense at all."

Lucky then that no made that argument. It makes sense to teach everyone some math, independent of their "potential in math", whether said potential is equal or average compared with others. How do you even measure "potential"?

Comment Re:Diversity gap is irrelevant (Score 1) 176

"Do you have any evidence to support that hypothesis?"

*You* asserted that "potentials and interests ... it averages out", whatever that means. Trying to imagine a concrete meaning, one comes up with "there is such a thing as average potential and interest". Which, even if it were true, it's irrelevant, because it is obvious from observation of routine life that different groups of people have different interests. (And no, I'm not dividing up by interest first, then discovering everyone in that group has the same interest.)

"Because you dragged value judgements into it when you started talking about potentials."

A given potential is not "inferior" to another one. I may have a great potential for standup comedy and a lousy one for bedside manner. You may have a great potential for social commentary and a lousy one for shoe shining. I would not label one or the other as "inferior". You dragged in that term: why?

Comment Re:Diversity gap is irrelevant (Score 3, Interesting) 176

"Individuals have different potential and interests, but over a population of millions it averages out."

It doesn't mean that the averages over sub-populations are the averages over the whole population. Potentials and interests may well be multi-modal.

"Or are you saying that some races and genders are just inherently inferior?"

Why are you dragging value judgements like "inferior" into this?

Submission + - mozilla CEO threatens anonymous mozilla employee for anti-SJW comment->

An anonymous reader writes: The Verge reports an impending witchhunt for criticizing a departed diversity-focused employee. The CEO explains he will fire the employee (if found) for "hate speech": "I'm talking about when you start saying 'someone's kind doesn't belong here, and we'll all be happy when they're gone.'", referring to the anonymous commenter, whose kind doesn't belong there, and the CEO will be happy when he/she is gone.
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Comment Re:Of course Asian students were ignored. (Score 1) 184

"Have you seen what they're doing with them these days? It's horseshit."

Dunno, talking about common core stuff? Even then, the problem would be a *particular* standardized test rather than standardized testing per se.

"A public school education is literally worse than nothing"

Homeschooling is growing in popularity, and not just amongst the religiously inclined.

Somebody ought to cross ball point pens with coat hangers so that the pens will multiply instead of disappear.