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Comment: Re:Sounds good (Score 1) 581

by fche (#49129085) Attached to: Republicans Back Down, FCC To Enforce Net Neutrality Rules

"will have to cite what regulations could possibly have been preventing Ma Bell from providing better service"

But it's not even that: regulations prevent innovation directly - that's just one of their indirect & unintended effects. When regulated as a public utility, the company is to some extent protected from competition (and thus the need to innovate and improve service).

Comment: Re:Teachin music (Score 1) 94

by fche (#48959579) Attached to: What Happens When the "Sharing Economy" Meets Higher Education

"I mean, there's a reason why we have education accreditation
boards, right?"

That would make a good line in a lullaby.

Government accreditation, certification, regulation, are all just well-intentioned market-suppression efforts. With information flowing so freely now, these will be routed around.

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