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+ - Man robs bank of $1 to get health care in jail-> 3

Submitted by f1vlad
f1vlad (1253784) writes "A 59-year-old man has been jailed in Gastonia, N.C., on charges of larceny after allegedly robbing an RBC Bank for $1 so he could get health care in prison. Richard James Verone handed a female teller a note demanding the money and claiming that he had a gun, according to the police report."
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+ - Two iPhones join astronauts on the last mission->

Submitted by f1vlad
f1vlad (1253784) writes "Two iPhones will join astronauts on the last shuttle mission to space. After docking astronauts will undertake a number of experiments with little tourists involving gyroscope, accelerometer, and camera. For example, one of the experiments will show whether it's possible to determine shuttle position in the space."
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