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Comment: Re:Summary incomplete (Score 1) 278

by ezzzD55J (#36385952) Attached to: European Pirates Arrested in Massive Police Operation

So they go for the closer target to get some press. will likely be available any day now.

Ok, but law did the 'closer target' break? It's just that if there wasn't a good legal case, there's no good legal reason the police couldn't come and raid my home either, even if I'm not breaking any law. So that makes me feel some empathy with the raidees, making millions doing shady stuff or not.

Comment: Re:We don't use sudo? (Score 1) 592

by ezzzD55J (#35208612) Attached to: Common Traits of the Veteran Unix Admin
I think the only significant benefit to sudo is that you can give users root access, without giving the root password, and take it away again without changing the root password.

It's more sensible way of authenticating: authenticate with your own password, authorize (or not) with sudo. authentication != authorization.

That said, I don't mind su for a system with very few root users and always use sudo as 'sudo -s' :).

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