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+ - France : Sarkozy wants more surveillance->

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An anonymous reader writes: In the days following the (totally failed) UK terror plots, French president Nicolas Sarkozy wishes to take advantage of ambient paranoia : today, Sarkozy asked French government to widely implant surveillance camera systems in France.
Sarkozy takes the huge number of cameras in London as a reference, even if observers comment that the UK surveillance system did not avoid the bombs to be planted. UK is often refered as "Big Brother Nation". tent?lp=fr_en& Fap%2F20070704%2Ftpl-terrorisme-videosurveillance- sarkozy-cfb2994.html

As previous Minister of Interior, Nicolas Sarkozy already raised strong concerns with his proposition of laws limiting individual rights and privacy.

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+ - Attack-proof power line to be installed under NY

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Podcaster writes: "American Superconductor Corporation and Con Edison have announced a joint effort to develop and deploy a new system that utilizes high temperature superconductor (HTS) power cable technology in Con Edison's grid in New York City. The project, called Team Hydra, will aim to establish "Secure Super Grids" that can withstand extreme weather and terrorist attacks."

+ - Paypal is now a bank

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CC writes: "Paypal in Europe has changed. It used to be a UK company, but has now moved to Luxembourg, and is an entity regulated as a bank by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, the Luxembourg equivalent of the FSA. The FAQ on the subject hints at future bank-like services."

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