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Comment DO NOT WANT (Score 4, Interesting) 52

Let me see if I'm understanding this correctly.

You want me to install an invasive gaming client that delivers no actual game content to me, imposes a network lag on all input, does not allow me to run a zero-latency LAN gaming session, does not allow me to run my own public server for my friends... And your business model is to get me to pay for this degraded experience?

...Good luck.

Comment Social media (Score 5, Insightful) 307

Did in being an introvert. SM (as opposed to S&M, which is for another topic) is the current be-all-end-all to a great many people. It's sort of like AOL was the internet back in the early 90s, SM is the internet.
But for introverts, who don't feel like posting every aspect of their life for all to see (I am one of those) we are overlooked in this mad rush to get 10,000 "friends" or 20 million "likes" and I feel it's infecting schools as well. Not directly, but in the way of thinking that everything (learning) must be done in groups, or socially, or collaboratively, which is not the way we all think or learn.

Comment The trouble with ads (Score 2) 236

For those of you around at the beginning, ads were static images, with a hyperlink to the place it was going. Ok, not bad, but I could deal.
The came pop-ups, and that was frowned upon. It became so wide-spread, every browser in existence at the time had a built-in pop up blocker, and those that didn't, had to deal with external programs like Ad Muncher and the like.

But still, vexing, irritating, but not a serious problem.... ...until flash based ads.
Then it went from bad, to nuclear.

On the desktop, ad blockers, whether plug-ins, or built-ins, proliferated and because, not just a good idea, but mandatory, if you wanted to browse the web sanely. It's been a chicken and the egg issue since day one. Did ad blockers force advertisers to escalate how they placed ads on websites, or did ad blockers come into existence because plain text ads weren't "good" enough?

Regardless or the origination, the end result is what we have now. While desktops are safe, mobile browsing is still problematic, I know on my Samsung Android phone I get ads on websites, enough to crowd out the information I'm looking for. So sooner or later, ad blockers will be like desktop browsers, mandatory.

There is a larger issue here, how websites are supposed to make money/survive/pay bills/etc. without ad-revenue stream, but I have yet to see a viable discussion on a working alternative.

What I do see is like it or not, ad blockers are here to stay, and will evolve with every new ad-pushing "tehcnology". I'm sorry the software creator in question here is uncomfortable with this concept, but I'm sure he put *some* thought into this problem before creating his software.

Note: the lack of (until this point in time) ad blockers was the primary reason I jumped ship from Apple.

Comment Re:overrides hostfile, meh (Score 1) 527

You do know that DNS queries can be directed to any DNS server, not just the default you get with your DHCP address assignment. There's no reason Microsoft would (or should) trust any DNS servers other than its own.

It seems like the most reliable option would be to null-route the IPs themselves at your gateway. (At which point, Microsoft opens a VPN tunnel via a third site. Rinse, recurse...)

Comment Blockades (Score 2) 474

I work for the State, a place where progress, innovation, unique thinking and independent action, go to die.
But man are the perks awesome. As is (in my case anyway) the pay, it's obscene. Especially compared to the amount of work I am allowed to do.

Most of the day I am in an office, handling systems remotely, but when the systems properly locked down and managed, very little goes wrong.

So I write, read, and generally goof off. Sounds great, no?

Not really, anytime there is an actual issue (like out NAS running out of space) I have to get 15 different people involved before I am allowed to make a decision, and then my decision is sent around for review.

I've been waiting for a larger NAS for 8 months so far...

Comment Re:Solution: (Score 2, Informative) 122

BWHA-HA-HAHAHAH!! Z0MG, you're so Hillary-ous!!

...Oh, wait: http://www.dailynewsbin.com/ne...

Looks like e-Ghazi was a big nothing-burger. Which is what we dirty fscking hippies have been saying ever since it was first trotted out. But: Please continue, Governor. Don't let minor things like facts get in the way of a good right-wing misogynistic rant. Your lives are bleak and meaningless enough as it is.

Comment Re:All the data hasn't been released (Score 1) 450

...40% of the pictures were dick shots and they didn't want to release those.

I have a question for the guys out there who do this:

When has this ever worked?

How many guys have actually gotten dates as a direct result of posting explicit photos to their dating profile?

Comment No One Knows What to Put There Instead (Score 1) 698

You'd prefer this, maybe?

That abomination was the keyboard Lenovo inflicted on the world on their Thinkpad Carbon X1 (2nd. gen). This presumably was green-lit by the same Very Serious People who approved the bundling of the SuperFish on "select" laptops.

Lenovo seems to have since learned their lesson; the Carbon X1 3rd gen has a proper keyboard, and proper buttons above the touchpad.

Comment Let me see if I have the meeting right (Score 3, Funny) 480

Picture this at a management meeting:

"Our stock is at an all-time low, profits are down, moral is gone, all our good engineers have left. What are we gonna do?"

"I know! We'll ban casual dress, that'll solve the issues."

(Boss) "That's brilliant! Raises for everyone!"


Something like that perhaps? H and P must be spinning in their graves...

Comment YHBT. YHL. HAND. (Score 0) 434

Yet another malicious, deliberately inaccurate "leak" from Trey Gowdy's "investigation" into BENGHAZI!!!!1! (at least the seventh such investigation so far).

Here's what we know about this most recent "story" so far: http://www.dailykos.com/story/...

Oh, and explain to me again why this is on /. ? I thought this site was about tech and tech-related news. Could it be there's rank partisanship among the editorial staff? I mean, I can't recall seeing any front-page stories here about the comprehensive corruption of, say, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who, among other things, installed a secret WiFi router in his office so he could exchange email out of sight of mandatory records keeping laws. I mean, that's tech-related, right? Right??

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