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Comment: Re:Hookers (Score 1) 335

Men and women both have this need.

Incorrect. I will not die if I don't have sex, and it is not essential to me.

Evolution and all of life is dependant upon reproduction. In homo sapiens, reproduction is done through sex.

This is all irrelevant to whether or not sex is a need for individuals, and it really isn't.

And yes, it is a need. It's why every one of us are here.

Our instincts may make us desire sex (save for asexuals, and don't act like they don't exist, because I'm one), but it is by no means a "need."

Don't underestimate the need for sex. If you are able to brush it off so easily, it's very possible that your genes are not going to make it.

Reproduction is not a form of immortality! It is completely and utterly irrelevant to me (to me) if someone who shares my genes makes it into the future or not; I gain little from it. It would only be useful to me if I could take over the child's body. But because sex is desirable (thanks to instincts), this is largely ignored and people go on and on about passing on genes; at least I benefited a bit from it, I guess. But again, I do not for a moment believe it's a need in the traditional sense.

Sex most certainly is a need. One that is ingrained in our DNA. If it weren't? Well, that DNA wouldn't be around anymore.

That's silly. You can intently desire something without it being a need.

Shut up Sheldon!

Comment: Re:Further proof that the people pushing this agen (Score 2) 266

by evil crash (#44373957) Attached to: British Porn-Censoring MP Has Website Defaced With Porn

Politicians generally can't find their ass with both hands

That's because at one of their hands is always out asking for donations and the other one is behind their back with their fingers crossed or accepting a bribe.

What we need are politicians with at least four hands.

4 hands would just give them one to hold out for donations, one to cross fingers to make the lie "ok", one to shake hands with you while the fourth is stabbing you in the back.

Your Rights Online

+ - Bradley Manning Audio Leaked->

Submitted by Yew2
Yew2 (1560829) writes "Despite onerous Army rules prohibiting recording of the Manning hearings at Ft. Meade, Maryland, the recently formed Freedom of the Press Foundation published anonymously sourced audio of Manning’s full plea allocution on Tuesday, allowing the world for the first time to hear the crisp voice of the 25-year-old Army private as he details his leaking of thousands of Army field reports and a quarter-million State Department diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks."
Link to Original Source
Lord of the Rings

+ - Minas Tirth survives Orc attack, falls to winter storm.->

Submitted by evil crash
evil crash (739354) writes "A sandcastle model of Minas Tirith made it 2 years before a winter storm ravaged it. When Joseph Alvernaz set out to build a sand sculpture replica of Minas Tirith from "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," he didn't take any shortcuts. The structure took two summers to create out of a sandy loam that holds together better than regular beach sand. Once finished, he could stand atop the 10-foot-tall structure without breaking it."
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"I have not the slightest confidence in 'spiritual manifestations.'" -- Robert G. Ingersoll