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+ - Guild Wars 2 - Open Beta Impressions->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Guild Wars 2 is a good game, nothing extraordinary though. Over-hyped as usual but it will be a solid game once it launches. I will share my impressions on the Beta, instead of writing walls of text I will make it short and simple with Pros and Cons. Also keep in mind that I am not fanboy or hater, and I will ignore all bugs and performance issues because it's Beta after all.

Character creation is quite awesome, a lot of customization.
Good artstyle and visual effects.
World feels open and alive, zones/areas are huge.
Personalized storylines are interesting. (Played on Ranger and Necromancer)
Dynamic events are not static.
Player vs. Player is fun, takes a little practice before you can start kicking ass.
Some NPCs are voiced.

Graphics/textures are decent, nothing great. (Was running beta on maximum)
Character animations are horrible.
It's very easy to out-level your character's story.
Your choices and actions don't have a real effect on the world around you. (Yes, they lied)
Zerged events aren't that fun.
World vs. World is a mess without proper guild and strategys. (Right now whoever has the most numbers — wins, skill doesn't matter)
Crafting system is very simple, nothing special.
Decent looking UI, could be better.

On a side note, keep in mind that blind fanboys have overhyped GW2 to the point where they made it seem like it was a completly different game... I suggest that everyone should lower their expectations because this game brings nothing new to the MMO genre whatsoever, all systems that are in GW2 were done before in other games; WoW, War, AoC, Rift, etc. This is not just my opinion, it's a pure fact.

I will be buying this game once it comes out, the very first month it's a guaranteed fun, not sure about how it will last in the long run though."

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+ - Japanese scientists create touchable holograms

Submitted by bs0d3
bs0d3 (2439278) writes "Until now, hologram technology has been "for the eyes only" but a Japanese research team has advanced one to incorporate a sense of touch. Ultrasonic waves are used in order to create pressure on the user hand when it touches a hologram. At this point only simple objects have been tried in testing, but the researchers are already planning for virtual switches at hospitals and in other areas where contamination is a worry."

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