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Comment: Re:His defense will fail... (Score 1) 1431 1431

He went out to his car and retrieved his firearm. The question will be asked, if you were concerned for your safety....why did you return to the theater?

This isn't insightful, it's conjecture.

We don't know that he left the theater to retrieve his firearm, he may have had the firearm on him the whole time and had gone to get the manager... I find it far more likely that he was already carrying his concealed firearm vs. that he was leaving it in a vehicle and went to get it. The whole point of carrying concealed is to defend yourself, the firearm does you no good out in your car and it only becomes a liability if your car is stolen or broken into...

We also don't know that he felt threatened before he left, or when he returned.

From the story so far it doesn't sound like he walked back in and simply shot the younger guy, it sounds like he came back in, sat down, an argument or fight started, and THEN he shot the guy. If the guy was concerned for his life/safety it will be what happened after he returned that caused the concern.

Surveillance footage and testimony from witnesses will start to put this together. We'll know where the older guy went when he left the theater, and we'll start to get a better idea of what happened after he returned and potentially some insight into what could possibly have escalated this from an argument over texting to a fatal shooting.

Comment: Re:actual advice (Score 1) 222 222

That 100A is probably when the engine is turning somewhere near 1800-2200RPM or greater as well. At "idle" speeds, 600-700rpm, you might only receive 20-25A.

Prior to the insert of a "high idle" mode into the computers, police cruisers used to end up with dead batteries WHILE RUNNING because the power needed to run the on board lights, computer, radio, etc would be more than the alternator produced at standard idle.

My 3500W continuous generator, with a Honda small engine clone, was $275 on sale. It takes up less space than my gas lawn mower.

Comment: Re:It seems that (Score 1) 112 112

Let's not forget that in many cities the dispatcher is also getting kick backs from the drivers to get the choice calls. It's rampant in Boston to the point that several exposés have been written about it in recent history--don't pay the dispatcher at the start of the shift, you either don't get calls at all, or you get lousy ones...

If the (dispatch) system were far more automated the potential for human intervention and exploitation starts to dwindle.

Comment: Boston Globe vs. Boston Herald (Score 1) 178 178

I see a lot of people talking about local investigative journalism--or at least reporting.

To be fair many of you may not know the local Boston market, there are two papers: Boston Globe, and Boston Herald. Globe is the corporate-faced paper (up 'til now) owned by national media conglomerates. Herald is considered more local these days. Generally the Herald is the paper you read when you want to hear about all the dirty BS the local government is dishing, although they can be too conservative and preachy at times for my taste.

Comment: Re:Anyone know who operates airport subways? (Score 1) 91 91

Those trams and subways amount to not much more than sideways elevators. I'm guessing that someone monitors these things at large airports/etc just like someone monitors that the elevators are going. But otherwise they are easily automated because they are on rails, their paths are exclusive, secure and well controlled. There are generally double doors so no one can get in/out when they shouldn't, etc...

Comment: Re:way to go slashads (Score 1) 93 93

My ad is for a "water hammer arrestor" device that screws into a washing machine... ...that started me wondering just how powerful Thor's Water Hammer would be... blow the faucets right off the tops of the sink... fire the shower mixing valve out of the wall at high speed right into your junk...

Comment: Re:He should just go to America and face the music (Score 2) 205 205

Ghandi, Mother Theresa, etc...

You die for your principals--

As in I love this country (USA) so much, and believe what has been done is so bad, that I am willing to leak this information to world, but of course I will keep the true secrets out of anyone's hands that could harm the US and it's citizens.

I think that is the OP's point and I don't think it's "Flamebait" at all.

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