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Comment: Re:Apt-get??? (Score 1) 517

by erikdalen (#36035098) Attached to: Apple To Distribute OS X Lion via the Mac App Store

tbh a lot of that fragility comes from doing backwards incompatible API & ABI changes quite frequently in different libraries and in kernel etc. APT handles the situation pretty well IMO.

The situation in Windows is instead that deprecated APIs have to be maintained for literally decades and every app ships their own version of libraries they use that don't get security and bug fixes managed centrally.

Comment: Re:Uh, unless you're a programmer... (Score 1) 766

by erikdalen (#35940110) Attached to: Microsoft Counts Down To XP Death

If you wanted a SQL server or mail server on that Windows XP, Microsoft would probably want to to upgrade to Windows 2003 and buy Exchange & MSSQL server licenses that would cost you a lot more than 275GBP.

Why would you use Exchange and MSSQL? You can get free open source mail and SQL servers for Windows. If you wanted to use Exchange and MSSQL ANYWAY, then your point is moot because that's what you would have to do ANYWAY.

And why would you use a unsupported open source SQL and mail server if the goal was to have a platform that was supported for 10+ years?

Comment: Re:google apps ftw! (Score 1) 164

by erikdalen (#35066258) Attached to: Open-source Challenge To Exchange Gains Steam

That is assuming this small business has someone to handle security updates or even distribution upgrades on this server. If they use a consultant for that it is probably more expensive than to use Google apps (even if they do it in house it is likely more expensive for a small business).

Also the outage is likely to be longer is the server breaks down and needs to be completely rebuilt from backups than a typical Google apps outage would have been.

I mean a lot of small businesses (or non profit organisations for that matter) with less than 50 employees might only have one "IT-guy" if even that.

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