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Comment: Re: Cost effectiveness (Score 1) 94

by rtb61 (#49828095) Attached to: Mercedes-Benz Copies Tesla, Plans To Offer Home Energy Storage

It is not just a battery, it is a 'CAPITAL INVESTMENT'. Do no get sucked in by the PR agents seeking to keep you tied to their last millennium infrastructure, which you must rent access to and then burn you money to get energy. They way you calculate the benefits of generating you own electricity and making that energy available 24/7/365 (no more out of your control black outs, keep the maintenance up though otherwise you will be creating your own), is to look at the capital cost, calculate the value of the energy you will be generating over a year and see whether that percentage return is better than other investments, like bank interests or even loan repayments on that investment. Keep in mind that capital investment does enhance your property value and the more reputable the better.

So powered by Tesla or powered by Mercedes, works for them for marketing purposes (branded equipment and panels, reminds people about other products) as well as for you (they are not just buying a house but reliable energy, that house can generate, based upon the reputation of the manufacturer).

So rent and burn or invest and earn (energy that is). Now that is the message the fossil fuellers hate and really do fear.

Comment: Re:par for the course (Score 1) 239

by rtb61 (#49828067) Attached to: Professional Russian Trolling Exposed

Now we all know how pathetically poor the Russian government is, they can not afford a real army or airforce or navy or space agency and as such can not afford trolls who must sign national security agreements and who sideline as analysts (trained in multiple languages and well informed), nope the poor, poor Russian government must contract this out to backyard propaganda firms. Oh come on NYT go away.

Sure the Russian government has intelligence agencies along with analysts trolls but they are not poor backyard pathetic trolls, these are full time douche bags just like the NSA/CIA and they are just as strictly controlled. If a NYT reporter tried to interview one of them, not only would that analyst troll spend time in a prison, so would the NYT reporter (the report would not be spending time in that prison for being a reporter, nope they would be spending time in that prison for being something else). No matter where the in the world you go, you can pay some poor idiot to say anything you want them to say and claim it as news.

PS all the worlds major intelligence agencies have criminally inserted agents in every main stream media company, including the government owned media companies like the BBC in the UK, the ABC in Australia and the CBC in Canada (the PBS is such a lame duck it is not even worth mentioning, poor America can not afford a proper public broadcaster so it must get by with a cheap charity case). In the case of the ABC and CBC, they are not necessarily Australian espionage agents, that would be illegal (it has been legislated that way on purpose) but I'll bet most of you can readily guess exactly which country those particular espionage agents come from.

Second Post filter went nuts

Comment: Re:par for the course (Score 1) 239

by rtb61 (#49828049) Attached to: Professional Russian Trolling Exposed

I actually started reading the article itself, rather than just focusing on thread. I gave up, the moment it became readily apparent the article was in reality about about itself. This you can readily garner from how they have stitched up isolated events into one grand anti-Russian government conspiracy.

First up the false catastrophe news stories, basically mimicking modern main stream media and it's massive hyping up of events to draw viewers. Of course on the internet they can not wait for an events to hugely exaggerate, so they create their own and attempt to draw in as many viewers as possible to the ad space they are selling. Anything at all to do with the Russian government, nope. There are thousands upon thousands of web sites bullshitting about everything imaginable thing trying to bring in viewers to the ad space they are selling. Do these trolls have more than one site, you bet, they have as many as they can manage and afford. All with different schemas and titles but with identical content. It is not like it is that much effort, once you create those sites, you just edit the content xmls and they all change, one site or hundreds, no grand conspiracy, just the one bunch of trolls and they come from all over the world not just Russia.

Comment: Re: Cost effectiveness (Score 1) 94

by WindBourne (#49827953) Attached to: Mercedes-Benz Copies Tesla, Plans To Offer Home Energy Storage
Ok, so many things wrong here:
1), In Hawaii, that 1-2 battery pack is enough to power their homes at nighttime. The reason is that they pretty much have no HVAC. They are currently prohibited from adding Solar and then selling to back to the utility. However, if they add batteries for the home, and have the car, then they do NOT need the local utility. And with .38/KWH, these are MUCH cheaper to run for home.
2) nearly all homes in America do NOT need to have increased power lines to handle an electric car. The reason is that nearly all of our homes have 200 amps and can handle a dryer AND an electric oven. Even at the same time.
For charging an EV at home, all you need is a 240 V/40 A, just like on Dryers, and then have the car autocharge after 1 AM.

What does not make sense is why so many ppl hate Tesla and scream that anybody who sees economic value in it, to be a fanbois.

Comment: Re:RIP Think Geek (Score 1) 79

by rtb61 (#49827943) Attached to: GameStop Swoops In To Buy ThinkGeek For $140 Million

For Gamestop with pressure from download game distributors the pressure is on to diversify, so merchandising is the obvious choice for them, along with say comic distribution. They can not switch to a download distribution model because that puts their own stores out of business. So for them offering a second hand market, merchandising, stuff the down loaders can never really offer. Eventually you will see them merger with the computer hardware sellers, as they are struggling as well. All this very much like the original computer sales outlets, so what was, will be again.

Comment: Re:Ejectrode? (Score 1) 211

by drinkypoo (#49827797) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Your Most Unusual Hardware Hack?

Now I have one of those flippy-key things like the VW and MB owners have, and saved about $35,000 on the car.

That's on my list of things to do for my Audi. Apparently the system has support for fobs, and I have instructions for coding them, but I don't actually have any fobs. So I have to go through the same process. It's an old car though, so it wasn't expensive either... just leaky.

The mechanics I've talked to say pretty much all the 4.2 liter Audis they've seen have been leaky... story of my life with bored-out versions. The 7.3 Ford is the same way.