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+ - Will Microsoft dis-Kinect Freeloading TV Viewers? 2

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "Just when you think the cable TV viewing experience couldn't get any worse, GeekWire reports on the Microsoft Xbox Incubation team's patent-pending Consumer Detector, which uses cameras and sensors like those in the Xbox 360 Kinect controller to monitor, count and in some cases identify the people in a room watching television, movies and other content. Should the number of viewers detected exceed the limits of a particular content license, the system would halt playback unless additional viewing rights were purchased. As Yakov Smirnoff might say: In Soviet Russia, Kinect-equipped Motorola Model 20F2 console TV watches your family!"

Comment: Re:zero sum game (Score 1) 555

by enlefo (#41859579) Attached to: Nonpartisan Tax Report Removed After Republican Protest
Well, you're not missing something in the fact that it's BS. The concept of trickle down economics is that the rich will take that extra tax money and create jobs with said money. The reality is they just use that money to bribe their way into more money via lobbying for tax breaks, etc. I'm reminded of the Dave Chapelle sketch where the US gov't gives all the black people in the country reparations money. They then go out and spend it all on cars, cloths, electronics, etc which stimulates the economy. A hilarious, over simplified, and racist sketch but still some major truth is in there none the less. If the republicrates wanted to stimulate the economy they would help the poorest people financially.

+ - Imran Khan detained by US customs over opposition to drone strikes->

Submitted by Serious Callers Only
Serious Callers Only (1022605) writes "Imran Khan was detained yesterday by US officials for questioning on his views on United States drone strikes in Pakistan. Glenn Greenwald writing for the guardian: "On Saturday, Khan boarded a flight from Canada to New York in order to appear at a fundraising lunch and other events. But before the flight could take off, US immigration officials removed him from the plane and detained him for two hours, causing him to miss the flight. On Twitter, Khan reported that he was "interrogated on [his] views on drones" and then added: "My stance is known. Drone attacks must stop." He then defiantly noted: 'Missed flight and sad to miss the Fundraising lunch in NY but nothing will change my stance.'""
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Comment: Poor QA or playing out of their league? (Score 1) 8

by enlefo (#41792511) Attached to: OCZ Technology: From SSDs to Layoffs
Don't know if they expanded to quickly or just couldn't compete with the big boys. There RAM was fantastic and I believe they were the first to offer modular power supplies. There SSD's lacked the quality control that they had in the past with memory, dunno if this was what ruined them or just another nail in the coffin.

+ - OCZ Technology: From SSDs to Layoffs-> 8

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Once upon a time between 2004-2006, OCZ was a well-known manufacturer of high-end memory components and power supply units that sold under the motto "Founded by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts". During the peak economy in 2007, OCZ Technology CEO Ryan Petersen proved his devotion to enthusiasts by purchasing PC Power & Cooling (May 2007), swiftly followed by elite system-builder Hypersonic PC (October 2007). Through the years that followed, OCZ's brand name would successfully sell NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, overclocker heatsinks, premium thermal pastes, hardcore gaming peripherals, and even a mind-controlled Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA). On March 2008, OCZ Technology revealed the industry's first consumer Solid State Drive — the apex of their dedication towards high-performance computer hardware enthusiasts. The future looked so very bright, until stock value became the mission. As of 26 October 2012, many of the great minds behind OCZ's enthusiast movement were without work."
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+ - FreeNAS 8.3.0-RELEASE is available with full ZFS 28 Support->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "FreeNAS project once again has made available an update to their NAS/SAN appliance operating system "FreeNAS" at version 8.3.0-RELEASE. Improvements include support for ZFS 28 (which include on-disk de-duplication of data), as well as other features such as USB 3.0 support, webshell console, etc. As usual, download package or ISO is about 100 megs."
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+ - iControlPad 2 Kickstarter Project Reaches Its Goal

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YokimaSun writes "The iControlpad 2 project which is an opensource joypad with keyboard with support for IOS, Android and for anything with either bluetooth or USB connections ie Mac, PC, Phones, Tablets, PS3 and even new devices such as Ouya and Raspberry Pi has achieved its goal of reaching $150,000, but obviously the more the better. The company behind the project are responsible for the Pandora Console and the successful original icontrolpad.

The joypad has a 55 key keyboard — Shoulder buttons — Twin analogue nubs — High-quality Dpad, Lasts for 14 hours of active use on a single charge. With the iControlPad2 you can enjoy proper computer emulation on your phone or tablet. Imagine Amiga/C64/PC/ZX Spectrum/Atari/Amstrad all with complete Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick emulation on one small controller; not to mention amazing support for almost any console emulator."

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