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Comment Re:The expense of the interlock... (Score 1) 911 911

While I can't comment on your experience or on other religions, most conservative Christians favor reducing the level of government intervention in our personal lives and would hate the idea of universal ignition interlocks. A loud minority probably would love it.

You know how it feels when some idiot who's supposed to represent your group misrepresents your group in a very public way? Yeah, we "religious fundie assholes" get that a lot.

Comment Re:The fact that all the measurements were... (Score 1) 220 220

Ironic, but this conservative decided to try Firefox right before the 2004 election after hearing that Microsoft was one of the top three corporate contributers (per capita) to the Kerry campaign. Or something like that...who remembers stats anyway?

(I never went back to IE)

Any program which runs right is obsolete.