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Comment: Re:Gee, maybe U.S. shouldn't try to steal oil (Score 1) 969

by elem (#38550852) Attached to: Tensions Over Hormuz Raise Ugly Possibilities For War
And yet, as many of the comments attached to that article pointed out, the paragraph you quoted didn't appear in any of the original reporting but only in versions published on IndyMedia. No sourcing for it, no evidence for it, most likely to be nothing other than the usual Jew Hating you'll find all over IndyMedia.

Comment: Re:That's cute (Score 1) 795

by elem (#33181284) Attached to: DRM-Free Game Suffers 90% Piracy, Offers Amnesty

I love their games, even if the learning curve looks somewhat like a cliff...

It's important to realize though, that they're publishers and well as developers. Of the five games that are listed for 2010 release on their wikipedia page, only Victoria 2, and perhaps Magna Mundi are actually developed by Paradox themselves (I say perhaps for Magna, since there's nothing on their website, and I can't imagine it's going be released in 2010).

The games that they're best known for developing are the Europa Universalis series, Hearts of Iron series and games like Victoria and Crusader Kings that fit into the same universe. They're all grand strategy games with huge amounts of detail - and they've all got Mac ports as well!

Comment: Re:Enhance (Score 1) 204

by elem (#33100554) Attached to: Microsoft Tech Can Deblur Images Automatically

I doubt we are seeing anything new here. I assume they just use the accelerometers to determine how much they should crop away from the current sample, and then in the end stitch everything together.

It doesn't do anything like that - what you're talking about is a form of image stabilization where each frame is sharp, but the frames move slightly compared to the frame before and after since the camera is moving slightly.

This is about deblurring by working out how the camera moved while the picture was being taken and then reversing that effect back out, which isn't very simple at all.

Think about a picture of black circle on a white background. Then apply a directional blur to it. Now work out how to get from that blurred photo back to the original. By knowing how the camera moved while the picture was being taken you now know the direction of the blur, which makes the problem a lot simpler, but it's still pretty hard to try to get to the unblurred version while losing as little data from the picture as possible.

+ - Police Seize Computers from Gizmodo Editor-> 1

Submitted by secretcurse
secretcurse (1266724) writes "California police have served a search warrant and seized computers from Jason Chen, the Gizmodo Editor that unveiled the 4th generation iPhone to the world. Gawker media's COO has replied claiming that the warrant was served illegally due to Mr. Chen's status as a journalist. The plot thickens..."
Link to Original Source

+ - Wikipedia entry sparks war of words

Submitted by
coondoggie writes "The City of Cornwall Ontario has come out swinging over postings in its Wikipedia entry saying a person or persons is out to make the city and its citizens look bad. The stink started last week when some one posted this: "Cornwall has not enjoyed a good environmental reputation due in large part to decades of heavily polluting industries. Although most of these industries have shut down or moved away, their legacy is a riverfront contaminated by mercury, soil contaminated by coal tar and byproducts, and most evidently, 'Big Ben'." Cornwall officials noticed that in the demographics section had this statement: "Many from the city's work force prefer to live in these communities over Cornwall; ironically including the mayor and a number of 'Team Cornwall' members (a group drawn from the business community, pledged to promote Cornwall)." 67"

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