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Comment Really? That's All It Takes? (Score 1) 325

"Oh, sure! Suuuure! We'll stop trying to arrest you! Why don't you come out of that embassy there and... give it a try?" And for some reason I totally hear that in Brock Samson's voice.

And also, "You guys might want to think about, ah... febreezing that embassy of yours there... it smells like moldy pizza and... Assange crotch."

Comment Re:Can we get an explanation on who gets mod point (Score 1) 1825

I suspect there's a line of code in the "assignModPoints" function that says something like

if(freaks.contains("pudge")) return 0;

I haven't gotten mod points in a long time either, though I suspect in my case that I had turned off the "willing to moderate" option when it existed in the user options, and unrelated to that pudge foed me at a later time.

Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 1) 571

Oh yes, they're very particular about that in the classified documents training program. If it's marked classified, it's still classified, even if it's public knowledge. You (the person taking the training) are not to read classified information unless you have a "need to know." You are not to read classified documents over your level of classification. If you suspect you have discovered or in possession of classified material, you are to secure that information and notify your security team at once.

Given all that, they made an effort to make the point that so much as reading a news article about, say, the wikileaks... leaks... could put you in violation of this policy. So, for (totally hypothetical and made up) example, if the New York Times were going "har har har" about the leaked document discussing the dick pics the NSA intercepted that were being sent between W and Chancellor Angela Merkel and I read that, I'd have to stop reading and notify my security team of the article. I'm not aware of any specific consequence the paper would face over it. They didn't cover that bit. Also, although I don't work for those guys anymore, I still have to do that.

Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 1) 571

She's been very careful to say "marked classified". That leaves a very big hole of "Well this information SHOULD have been MARKED classified, but wasn't." That leaves a gaping hole where she could have read a bunch of classified documents, talked about shit IN those documents all day in emails she generated, but she never sent the actual documents where she learned that information. Information is marked classified by a classification authority, which it doesn't sound like she is.

It's the difference been discussing the secret laser death satellite program in a Starbucks and leaving the documents describing that program there. Some of those conversations should not have taken place on the open internet, whether it was a private E-Mail server or one of Google's.

Not that most people would understand the distinction unless they've been forced to sit through the classified documents handling training, which you HAVE to re-do every so often. So it very much still makes what she's saying pretty fucking weasely. I mean even if it didn't sound pretty fucking weasely if you've had to sit through that training. It sounds weasely to me because I know all the shit she's excluding and I can hear her have to remind herself to say those specific words, "*marked* classified," so she can claim she didn't lie whenever someone finds classified information on there. And she sounds weasely to regular people on the street because they don't understand the distinction between "marked classified" and "sensitive information that really should be marked classified."

Comment Re:Remember the NASA Wind Turbines? (Score 1) 178

Current blades are trucked in one piece (per blade) which is impressive to see. Three of them were parked on I-5 outside of Patterson, California a few months ago. There are a lot of net videos and photos which convey the scale.

Even at the current size they can't get through many highway interchanges and local intersections. The larger ones won't be able to ship in one piece at all.

Comment Remember the NASA Wind Turbines? (Score 4, Interesting) 178

NASA Wind Turbines approached this scale in the '80's. Unfortunately, this was a previously-unexplored area of aerodynamics for NASA, and they had mechanical stress and noise problems (including subsonics) and were all demolished. I think there was one near Vallejo, CA being taken down when I got to Pixar in '87, and one in Boone, NC, which famously rattled windows and doors.

The art has since improved. I took a ride to the top of the turbine at Grouse Mountain, that was fun! That's the only one I have heard of where you can actually get to see it from the top.

Comment Starting out with the wrong assumptions (Score 2) 165

This is starting out with the wrong assumptions.

Design a brick system that can be produced with 3-D printers, and will hold together when fabricated within the tolerances of an SLA printer. Forget FDM, it's too low precision and SLA is already achieving an equal or lower cost of manufacture compared with FDM.

LEGO is manufactured to astonishingly high precision, but I am not convinced that this is the only way to make a brick system.

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